Tip nekt 'most frightened terrorist'

Tip nekt 'most frightened terrorist'

World March 18, 2016 20:45

brussels - The most wanted terrorist in Europe, Salah Abdeslam, was finally caught after a flight of four months, thanks to a tip that put the police on his trail.

Sometimes any inclement, has revealed details of the French intelligence that was used a house in Forest Brussels for falsifying identity. The police will have a look at what must be an empty apartment, they come across a 'safe house' full of heavily armed terrorists.

That come with Kalashnikovs cross slain by the door agents, one terrorist, two can take the legs. And then it goes fast, a tip comes in, French media leaks prematurely that a fingerprint of Salah Abdeslam was found in the apartment. The conclusion is clear, it is escaped one of the two.

The tip leads to an address in Molenbeek and the police this time let a minute pass more to catch the man who had escaped three times. Streets are cordoned off, the respective house is bombarded with 'stun grenades' to paralyze the residents.

The special forces invade and Abdeslam can be disabled by a shot in the leg. That's the end of the 'most frightened' terrorist who saved two women at a cafe during the attack in Paris, who did not want to blow up and let themselves be picked up by friends and by now turned silently just eighteen weeks in Brussels remained under eyes of the investigators. He eventually was the only survivor of the attacks in Paris.

In the apartment in Forest Tuesday Belkaid Mohamed was shot dead by police. He showed the same person who has worked under the pseudonym Samir Bouzid to the attacks in Paris and he was a good friend of Salah Abdeslam. He was a 35-year-old Algerian who lived illegally in Belgium. Until now it was not known that he was the same man Bouzid. Once that penetrated to the prosecutor's office, more math problems could be made.

Once again shots were fired, there is in the Brussels district of Molenbeek third terror suspect arrested. were earlier in the evening Salah Abdeslam and held a co-defendant, Soufyane Kayal.

In September 2015 Salah Abdeslam went to pick up in Hungary two men in the station in Budapest. Abdeslam both had false identity papers in the name of Soufiane Kayal and Samir Bouzid. The two were close filmed the attacks of Paris in a Western Union office in Brussels. They made 750 euros to the account of Hasna Ait Boulahcen, the cousin of the suspected mastermind of the attacks Abdelhami Abaaoud. They made for the shelter of the terrorists in Saint-Denis.

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