Bahrain also break relations with Iran (2)

Bahrain also break relations with Iran (2)

World January 4, 2016 15:21

manama - The Gulf state of Bahrain has followed Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic relations with Iran. The government in Manama on Monday to leave the Iranian diplomatic mission 48 hours of the time given to the country. This has the state news agency of the kingdom announced Monday.

         Bahrain is closely linked to the Saudis, who recently outraging Iran's Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr executed. After demonstrators in Tehran stormed the embassy of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh broke off diplomatic links with the regime in Tehran.
United Arab Emirates announced Monday the that should leave some members of the Iranian diplomatic corps in the country. The emirates are a Gulf state with close ties to the Saudis.
Meanwhile resounded Monday from Europe appeasement. Thus, the governments of Germany and France called on to reduce the fighting cocks Iran and Saudi Arabia to the tensions.

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