• Brits hit by floods

    Brits hit by floods

    December 6, 2015 12:35 Hot Recent News

    Hundreds of British homes are under water because rivers are once again burst their banks after storms. In northern England and Scotland, about a thousand people have been evacuated. Trains do not run, to about 60,000 households in the county of Cumbria is the power cut and many roads are closed. For the time being it rain, so it is expected.

  • Utility urges 'resident' of cemetery

    Utility urges 'resident' of cemetery

    kerry November 23, 2015 19:30 Hot Recent News

    The Irish utility Electric Ireland in County Kerry, in a letter to the occupant of the cemetery Killiney urged to register finally. Does the ' Dear Sir / Ma'am "is not that requirement, then the power of the conscious plot is closed.

  • Six people killed in US campsite

    Six people killed in US campsite

    November 17, 2015 00:30 Hot Recent News

    Police in the US Texas investigating the murder of six people in a camp in that state. After an announcement, the police found two dead bodies of a man and a woman in a camper. A 35-year-old suspect was arrested in a nearby house on the property. In a pond near the house, police found later the bodies of four men who were missing, according to US media.

  • Snail finds new home

    Snail finds new home

    October 29, 2015 14:00 Hot Recent News

    That the 7-year-old Paul to his downfall on the beach at Orange County in California a swelling on his knee the size of an orange over loved, indicated by a doctor on MRSA, a bacterium aggressive. Leave it alone and do not arrive, the advice was.

  • Precious zeppelin broke

    Precious zeppelin broke

    October 28, 2015 23:45 Hot Recent News

    An army zeppelin from 2.7 billion Wednesday crashed in the US state of Pennsylvania. The US defense was several hours behind the monster after it broke out at a military base in Maryland. The zeppelin landed in Montour County. On landing, no one was injured.

  • Taurus with head stuck in tree

    Taurus with head stuck in tree

    October 27, 2015 10:22 Hot Recent News

    Firefighters were Monday at the England Rugby, near Birmingham, and go out for an unusual and most risky job. A bull had been established with its head to sit in a cavity of a tree. It took rescuers more than an hour to free the animal from his predicament, writes The Telegraph.

  • Wreck found of Hundred Years War

    Wreck found of Hundred Years War

    london November 2, 2015 23:14 Hot Recent News

    The wreck of a ship from the time of the Hundred Years War may be found in the soil of an English river. With the ship Holigost pulled the then English king Henry V against the French in the war that lasted from 1337 to 1453.

  • Boy (10) died after shot while hunting

    Boy (10) died after shot while hunting

    October 12, 2015 09:36 Hot Recent News

    A 10 - year-old boy Saturday while hunting in a national park in the US state of Utah have died . That American media report Sunday . Police in Cache County , where the park is covered , assumes an accident. There is therefore no charges filed .

  • Cell for Anglican bishop for abuse

    Cell for Anglican bishop for abuse

    london October 7, 2015 16:19 Hot Recent News

    A 83 -year-old former bishop of the English Anglican Church has been condemned for years of abuse of boys and young men. Peter Ball was given 47 months' imprisonment imposed for the abuse that took place between the seventies and nineties.

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