Snail finds new home

Snail finds new home

World October 29, 2015 14:00

- That the 7-year-old Paul to his downfall on the beach at Orange County in California a swelling on his knee the size of an orange over loved, indicated by a doctor on MRSA, a bacterium aggressive. Leave it alone and do not arrive, the advice was.

But when the black colored bump, the mother undertook steps anyway. She jabbed the swelling and saw a strange object. " I thought it was a bit ", said Rachel Franklin Thursday in a television program. It occurred in each case as a single entity from the wound appeared. However, there were wires on the stone. Then the mother grabbed him and looked closely, she saw what they really had in her hands : a snail.

Nothing to worry, says a biologist who examined the animal. It just was a " littorina scutulata ', which prevents the entire US West Coast.

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