• Kabul announces file with Taliban

    Kabul announces file with Taliban

    kabul August 19, 2018 17:16 Hot Recent News

    The Afghan government has issued a file with the rebellious Taliban. President Ashraf Ghani said that the file will commence on Monday and that this has been decided in connection with the Islamic sacrificial feast this week.

  • Many deaths from heavy fighting with Taliban

    Many deaths from heavy fighting with Taliban

    kabul August 13, 2018 16:37 Hot Recent News

    Heavy fighting between Taliban fighters on the one hand and police and army on the other hand in the Afghan city of Ghazni have claimed many lives. At least a hundred agents and soldiers were killed and many dozens of people were killed alongside the Taliban.

  • Taliban kill Afghan governor

    Taliban kill Afghan governor

    ghazni April 12, 2018 08:45 Hot Recent News

    The Taliban killed the governor of a district in the Afghan province of Ghazni. A part of the governor's building in Khwaja Omari went up in flames, the Afghan news channel TOLO reports.

  • Taliban storm Afghan court

    kabul June 1, 2016 11:39 Hot Recent News

    During a raid by Taliban fighters from a court in the Afghan city of Ghazni Wednesday his ten deaths. Among the dead were five militants who were slain by police during the attack.

  • Six Shiites in Afghanistan beheaded

    kabul November 8, 2015 21:15 Hot Recent News

    A month after their abduction, six members of the Shiite minority in Afghanistan's Ghazni province beheaded. The three men and three women were slain Sunday in the district controlled by the Taliban, said the government spokesman Ghazni province bordering Sabul.

  • Prisoners taken from Helmond

    Prisoners taken from Helmond

    kabul October 27, 2015 20:30 Hot Recent News

    The Afghan authorities have 150 " dangerous prisoners " taken from the southern province of Helmand. This should prevent the extremist Taliban movement they give the opportunity to escape.

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