• Yellow ribbon divides Catalonia

    Yellow ribbon divides Catalonia

    barcelona August 30, 2018 18:00 Hot Recent News

    A simple yellow ribbon: almost eleven months after the independence referendum, it has become an important symbol in Catalonia- where fights are being fought for and against: by politicians, but also by people on the streets.

  • Spain wants to clear grave Franco

    Spain wants to clear grave Franco

    barcelona August 25, 2018 07:16 Hot Recent News

    Spain wants to excavate and remove the body of former dictator Francisco Franco from his own mausoleum in the Valley of the Fallen near Madrid. That could happen soon- perhaps within two months. 'Spain can not afford symbols that divide the Spaniards,' says Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

  • 'Attacker Barcelona struggled with orientation'

    'Attacker Barcelona struggled with orientation'

    barcelona August 21, 2018 18:48 Hot Recent News

    The Algerian man who attacked a Catalan agent with a knife had recently told his wife that he was a homosexual. The man saw that according to sources around the investigation as a sin. He would therefore have looked for a kind of religious salvation, the El País newspaper reports.

  • Police Barcelona kills attacker

    Police Barcelona kills attacker

    barcelona August 20, 2018 08:48 Hot Recent News

    The Barcelona police shot a man on Monday morning who wanted to attack officers with a knife. This happened in the reception room of the Mossos d \u0026 # x27; Esquadra office in the Cornellà de Llobregat district.

  • Barcelona is struggling with attack

    Barcelona is struggling with attack

    barcelona August 16, 2018 17:48 Hot Recent News

    The Ramblas in Barcelona are again full of roses, lights, notes, photos and hugs. Friday commemorates the city that a year ago the white bus of terrorist Younes Abouyaaqoub from Ripoll zigzagged over the pedestrian boulevard, causing thirteen fatalities and dozens of wounded. In total, sixteen people died in the attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils. The wounds are still far from healed.

  • Spanish football free via Facebook in India

    Spanish football free via Facebook in India

    barcelona August 13, 2018 23:45 Hot Recent News

    Spanish football can be viewed free of charge via Facebook on the Indian subcontinent from Friday. LaLiga and Facebook have signed a contract for this. All 380 LaLiga matches are available this season for free for viewers in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

  • Ship with 87 migrants arrives in Spain

    Ship with 87 migrants arrives in Spain

    madrid August 9, 2018 10:06 Hot Recent News

    A rescue ship with 87 migrants on board has arrived in Spain. The vessel Open Arms arrived Thursday morning in the southern port city of Algeciras (Andalucia), reported aid organization Proactiva. The migrants, including 12 minors from Sudan and Gambia, were rescued from Libya more than a week ago.

  • Heat demands three lives in Spain

    Heat demands three lives in Spain

    barcelona August 4, 2018 21:30 Hot Recent News

    The heat has certainly claimed three lives in Spain in recent days. In Barcelona, ​​passers-by found a man in the street in whom the blood ran out of his mouth. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. It turned out that the man was overcome by the heat.

  • No summer vacation for Samsung
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    No summer vacation for Samsung

    amsterdam August 4, 2018 21:26 Hot Recent News

    At Samsung they keep working through during the summer. Today the Korean technology giant introduced two new tablets: the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 for the whole family and the productivity-oriented Galaxy Tab S4.

  • Press 'fort Europe' is increasing from Spain

    Press 'fort Europe' is increasing from Spain

    barcelona July 26, 2018 13:51 Hot Recent News

    Bleeding hands, bruises, burns and respiratory problems: 132 migrants and 22 cops were wounded on Thursday after a group of more than 700 migrants stormed the Spanish enclave of Ceuta this morning. It was one of the most massive and violent storms of the Spanish enclaves in Morocco in recent years, and also illustrative of the youngest problem area in Europe.

  • Thaw in Catalan crisis?

    Thaw in Catalan crisis?

    barcelona July 7, 2018 04:48 Hot Recent News

    This Monday the leaders of Spain and Catalonia met in an attempt to pull the Catalan crisis out of the doldrums. Last week, some of the Catalan leaders who were in prison from Madrid came to prisons in Catalonia. Among them 'the two Jordis'. Txell Bonet is the partner of Jordi Cuixart, the president of the Catalan cultural and political societies Òmnium. She says: 'We do not want a transfer, we want release!'

  • European 'heritage gang' rolled up

    European 'heritage gang' rolled up

    the hague July 4, 2018 13:18 Hot Recent News

    Police services in several EU countries have seized tens of millions of euros in cultural heritage. This happened during a major international campaign against a gang that deals with the excavation and trading of historical objects, reports Europol.

  • Spain picks up escaped drug lord

    Spain picks up escaped drug lord

    barcelona June 27, 2018 18:06 Hot Recent News

    A new success for the Spanish police in the fight against 'Los Castañas', the drugs clan in Southern Spain and master of the hash trade. This morning two members of the clan were arrested, including the second man in the organization. Samuel Crespo had been fugitive for four months.

  • Child jailed

    Child jailed

    barcelona June 27, 2018 04:36 Hot Recent News

    He played the murdered innocence in the courtroom yesterday: Eduardo Vela, a doctor of 85 who is on trial in a historic lawsuit about the tens of thousands of babies that were stolen at the time of Franco's rule.

  • Southern Spain in the grip of drugs

    Southern Spain in the grip of drugs

    barcelona June 16, 2018 04:39 Hot Recent News

    Drug gangs in the south of Spain are becoming increasingly powerful and violent. Residents of the port city of Algeciras are fed up and have demonstrated on several occasions in the village square against the increasing drug violence.

  • Kosovar gang picked up with cunning tricks

    Kosovar gang picked up with cunning tricks

    barcelona June 11, 2018 12:54 Hot Recent News

    Fifteen Kosovars have been arrested in Catalonia because they have robbed hundreds of tourists in recent years. In the last six months alone, they would have stolen at least 150,000 euros worth of stuff. It is not known whether the Dutch are also among the victims.

  • New Catalan government to get started

    New Catalan government to get started

    barcelona June 2, 2018 15:03 Hot Recent News

    The separatists have regained control in the regional parliament of Catalonia on Saturday with the swearing in of a new government. This puts an end to the direct domination by the Spanish government from Madrid.

  • End of time Rajoy is approaching

    End of time Rajoy is approaching

    barcelona May 31, 2018 18:27 Hot Recent News

    The Spanish socialist leader Pedro Sanchez almost certainly experiences his finest hour tomorrow. His vote of no confidence in the Spanish parliament is voted, with which almost certainly an end is put to the minority government of his opponent: Mariano Rajoy.

  • Police raids and house searches in Barcelona

    Police raids and house searches in Barcelona

    barcelona May 24, 2018 09:15 Hot Recent News

    On the orders of the judge, the police in Barcelona this week are busy with house searches and raids in connection with subsidy money that would have been channeled to finance the independence of Catalonia. Some 10 million euros would be involved in the corruption scandal.

  • Dispute between Spain and Catalonia flares up

    Dispute between Spain and Catalonia flares up

    barcelona May 20, 2018 11:00 Hot Recent News

    The dispute between the Spanish central government and the separatists in Catalonia has flared up again after the last decisions of the new regional Prime Minister Quim Torra. He had appointed several separatist ministers on Saturday in his cabinet in custody or leaving the country after the forbidden referendum on independence in October 2017.

  • Catalonia again on collision course

    Catalonia again on collision course

    barcelona May 15, 2018 20:45 Hot Recent News

    'Long live a free Catalonia!' Were the first words of the new Catalan regional president, the separatist Quim Torra, put forward by the deposed Carles Puigdemont. Torra was chosen yesterday in a second round of voting with a very narrow majority as the successor of Puigdemont, ending a five-month political impasse in Catalonia.

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