Checklist for choosing mobile operator

Checklist for choosing mobile operator

Tech October 9, 2015 21:59

- If you want to take out a mobile subscription, you must consider the matter from which provider you do, otherwise you have to face some nasty surprises.

Mobile dekkingHet makes little sense to have a great smartphone with which you can hardly call, SMS or Internet. Therefore, you should pay attention that the mobile operator that you will ultimately choose provides good coverage in the locations where you can most often bevindt.

In Netherlands, the three major providers KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone each have their own network, while smaller operators like Tele2, Ben, Ziggo and Telfort use the networks of the big three. The difference between using a daughter provider is that when the (very rarely) is very crowded, you can connect less likely than the customers of KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone zelf.Over general they all provide good coverage within Netherlands, but check anyway even if you did not just happen to live in a particular blackspot.

This may be the coverage maps of KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone, and information about the daughter providers on websites such as insurance just to people who live near you and / or work out how satisfied they are about cover their provider. The coverage maps will help you does not completely determine precisely how at your location with the coverage is. Ga asked not automatically for the big especially smaller mobile providers can also provide very good coverage and in many cases there are interesting offers to lure customers.

Sometimes the subscription itself cheaper or get something extra for, such as speakers or a case for your phone. Moreover, it can be that a smaller operator less time on a subscription vastzit.Bedenk what you want with your phone doenAls you pretty much know in advance what you'll be using your phone the most, you can better assess what kind subscription best suits you. If you're really just calling and sending SMS messages, it is not necessary to spend money on additional mobile data. But if you just much is on Facebook and Twitter and call little is a good idea to choose a plan with a lot of data and less belminuten.De most providers offer similar options, but sometimes a particular provider as a special offer to you good uitkomt.Bedenk which phone you do not want all providers have the same range of phones, and with one provider you sometimes pay more for the same smartphone as it comes with a different kind of subscription or because the subscription is shorter. If you have a specific phone in mind, it may be that your choice in terms of providers less hebt.Bepaalde providers install a customized version of the operating system on their phones or put it filled with their own apps. These are often difficult or impossible to remove. So make sure in advance as to which providers themselves make the most guilty of installing unwanted software. The article brought to you by

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