• Snow and frost up in Southern Italy

    Snow and frost up in Southern Italy

    rome January 6, 2017 16:45 Hot Recent News

    In Italy speaks of a real Epiphany Snowstorm. The north is accustomed to winter weather, but also desire for the rest of the Mediterranean country under freezing temperatures and snowfall. Rome turns up the temperature below freezing and Vesuvius near Naples is covered with a layer of snow. Even on the Aeolian islands between Sicily and the mainland are snowflakes settled, ANSA news agency reported Friday.

  • 'Pizza Courier' arrest Mafia boss

    'Pizza Courier' arrest Mafia boss

    naples April 17, 2016 18:42 Hot Recent News

    Disguised as pizza delivery policemen have arrested a three-year fugitive Italian mafia boss. Roberto Manganiello was at his home in Orta di Atella in Naples surprised when he was watching a football match, police said Sunday.

  • Anonymous writer to win Man Booker Prize

    Anonymous writer to win Man Booker Prize

    london April 14, 2016 19:35 Hot Recent News

    The prestigious British Man Booker Prize can go first to an anonymous writer. One of the nominated book, The Story of the Lost Child (The story of the lost child). Which was published under the name Elena Ferrante, but the true identity of the author is a well-kept literary secret.

  • Tourists stuck on snow-covered Vesuvius

    naples March 9, 2016 16:00 Hot Recent News

    A bus full of tourists is Wednesday at Vesuvius surprised by the snow covered since Wednesday the volcano in southern Italy. The bus had to be removed by a snowplow of the civil defense, Corrierre del Mezzogiorno reported.

  • 'Pizza's World '

    'Pizza's World '

    naples March 4, 2016 19:42 Hot Recent News

    The Italians have invented the pizza and they consider the formulation as art. That is why Italy has submitted a request to UNESCO World Heritage manager to declare the pizza to intangible cultural heritage.

  • Cocaïnelab of Vesuvius

    Cocaïnelab of Vesuvius

    naples February 17, 2016 13:42 Hot Recent News

    On the flanks of the volcano Vesuvius, the Italian police Wednesday found a drug lab. Since cocaine was prepared for the market. Two Italian Mafiosi Colombian and three accomplices were caught and arrested red-handed.

  • Naples also prohibits cars

    Naples also prohibits cars

    naples December 31, 2015 17:35 Hot Recent News

    The municipality of Naples has decided, following other major Italian cities which suffer from smog, limiting car traffic considerably. The ban applies in Naples from 2 to January 8 at certain times of the day. On 3 and 6 January, the restrictions are less stringent.

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