• Heavy earthquake in Alaska

    Heavy earthquake in Alaska

    anchorage January 23, 2018 09:51 Hot Recent News

    A heavy earthquake with a force of 8.2 took place in Alaska. The epicenter of the quake was located 250 kilometers south of Chiniak, reports the geological research center USGS. A tsunami warning has been issued.

  • Aircraft diverted because of a poepsmerende passenger

    anchorage January 5, 2018 14:21 Hot Recent News

    A United Airlines plane had to make a stopover in Anchorage in the US on Thursday night because of a passenger who behaved rather peculiarly. The man smeared poop everywhere. He had also pulled off his t-shirt and tried to put it in a toilet bowl.

  • Son injures armed man Sarah Palin

    anchorage December 18, 2017 22:42 Hot Recent News

    The son of former US republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been charged with assault and burglary in his parents' home in Alaska. On Sunday, Track Palin (28) was arrested there during a violent confrontation with his father.

  • Moscow causes amazement with flights to Alaska

    Moscow causes amazement with flights to Alaska

    anchorage April 22, 2017 12:24 Hot Recent News

    Russian armors were approached this week four days in a row, reaching the coast of the American state of Alaska. The aircraft then flew into the so-called State Security Identification Zone (ADIZ), the Alaska Dispatch News newspaper reported Friday (local time).

  • FBI terrorism does not yet out

    FBI terrorism does not yet out

    fort lauderdale January 8, 2017 11:06 Hot Recent News

    The FBI does not mean Esteban Santiago with his shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport had terrorist motives. The research indicates that the 26-year-old Iraq veteran his attack in any case, had planned carefully.

  • 'Titanic II ijscruiseschip '

    'Titanic II ijscruiseschip '

    October 10, 2016 18:24 Hot Recent News

    Nautical Experts warn of a second Titanic disaster now huge luxury cruise ships are increasingly venture into the Arctic Ocean. Last summer crossed the luxury ship Crystal Serenity for the first time the dreaded Northwest Passage. In case of emergency there are no harbors and emergency personnel are thousands of kilometers away from a possible crash site, say the experts.

  • 'Free money' Alaska is disappointing

    'Free money' Alaska is disappointing

    anchorage September 23, 2016 21:33 Hot Recent News

    A big downer for Alaska resident Americans. Their annual 'nest egg', halved benefits of an oil fund, this year. Thereby getting the residents of the remote state this year considerably less 'free money': more than a thousand dollars.

  • Airline passenger coastal sleeping girl

    Airline passenger coastal sleeping girl

    portland June 22, 2016 14:33 Hot Recent News

    Alaska Airlines has suspended flights from the US Portland to Anchorage because a male passenger tried to kiss a sleeping girl. The aircraft made a stopover in Seattle where the 23-year-old man on board was removed and arrested.

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