Aircraft diverted because of a poepsmerende passenger

World January 5, 2018 14:21

anchorage - A United Airlines plane had to make a stopover in Anchorage in the US on Thursday night because of a passenger who behaved rather peculiarly. The man smeared poop everywhere. He had also pulled off his t-shirt and tried to put it in a toilet bowl.

Flight 895 of United Airlines flies from Chicago to Hong Kong. 'The passenger was smearing everywhere,' the police told Ted Stevens International Airport to the local news channel KTVA-TV.

The passenger was met at the airport by agents from the police and the FBI. The man was taken to the hospital where his mental health is being investigated. No declaration was made.

The plane, a Boeing 777, stayed in the ground all night in Anchorage. United Airlines did not want to respond directly to the incident.

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