• Criticism of the Swiss army due to declarations

    Criticism of the Swiss army due to declarations

    zurich November 12, 2018 13:16 Hot Recent News

    Spouses who fly helicopters to a dinner, expensive gold coins as gifts, drinking parties at the expense of the state: the Swiss army gets a lot of criticism because of excessive expense reports. As the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger said on Monday, in recent years several dinners were accompanied by a lot of wine and drinks.

  • Multiple deaths after crash historic plane

    Multiple deaths after crash historic plane

    zurich August 4, 2018 21:57 Hot Recent News

    Several people were killed in Switzerland when a historic plane crashed. The plane crashed into inhospitable mountains and was completely destroyed, authorities say. None of the occupants survived the crash, but the precise number of victims is not yet known.

  • British 'fake spy' arrested in Switzerland

    British 'fake spy' arrested in Switzerland

    zurich July 3, 2018 10:06 Hot Recent News

    The Swiss police have arrested one of the most popular fraud suspects in Great Britain. The 45-year-old Mark Acklom would have paid a woman 850,000 pounds (about 960,000 euros) by pretending to be the intelligence service MI6, reports British media. He then left with the northern sun.

  • Swiss wins 135 million euros in the lotto

    basel December 20, 2017 09:06 Hot Recent News

    A lotto player in Switzerland can afford one or maybe two extra venison steaks at Christmas. He bought a ticket for 20 euros on Tuesday afternoon, which now turns out well for the first prize of 135 million euros.

  • Airplane on the ground to argue about champagne

    stuttgart December 10, 2017 17:57 Hot Recent News

    The pilot of an Airbus A320 had to make an unscheduled stopover in Stuttgart because of a passenger who wanted more champagne. The 44-year-old woman from Switzerland went through the ribbon according to the police when the crew refused.

  • Rape case Polanski deposited

    zurich November 9, 2017 09:51 Hot Recent News

    The public prosecutor in Switzerland has discontinued the investigation into a alleged rape by German actress Renate Langer by film director Roman Polanski. The investigation is terminated for procedural reasons because the case is banned according to the Swiss law.

  • 'Swiss glaciers are no longer to be saved'

    'Swiss glaciers are no longer to be saved'

    August 3, 2017 13:24 Hot Recent News

    Due to temperature rises, the glaciers in Switzerland can no longer be saved. Even with the greatest efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, about 90 percent of the glaciers will melt by 2100, according to glaciologist Matthias Huss from the University of Zurich on Thursday in the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger.

  • Chain sawmaniak caught thanks to a pizza baker

    Chain sawmaniak caught thanks to a pizza baker

    zurich July 26, 2017 10:27 Hot Recent News

    Not a Swiss police force, but the pizzeria's executioner has made it possible for the fugitive chain sawmaniac to be detained in the vicinity of Zurich on Tuesday night. Liman Kabashi recognized the 51-year-old Franz Wrousis immediately as he passed his case. The heroic pizza baker took the pursuit and alerted the police.

  • Griped: chain sawmaniac

    Griped: chain sawmaniac

    thalwil July 25, 2017 19:57 Hot Recent News

    The chain sawmaniac was arrested by the Swiss police after more than 24 hours of hunting. The confused fifty injured two employees of a health insurance office in the town of Schaffhausen on Monday morning with a chain saw.

  • 'Pretty woman' steals Peperdure Lamborghini
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    'Pretty woman' steals Peperdure Lamborghini

    zurich July 23, 2017 17:12 Hot Recent News

    A peperdure and supercell Lamborghini has disappeared smoothly from Swiss Zurich. A 'nice, neat woman' took the car for a 'business trip' but did not return to the rental company. The woman and the exclusive bolide disappeared with the northern zone.

  • Bachelor party ends in nightmare
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    Bachelor party ends in nightmare

    wohlen July 22, 2017 23:39 Hot Recent News

    During a bachelor party in a Swiss village near Zurich, eighteen people were injured on Saturday by a tractor accident. The victims were in a tractor trailer. Three people are seriously injured, police report.

  • Germans force Korean Boeing to land
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    Germans force Korean Boeing to land

    stuttgart July 16, 2017 08:00 Hot Recent News

    German air force jetists have seized a Korean Air Boeing 777 on Saturday night and forced to land at Stuttgart Airport. The aircraft was in transit with 211 passengers from Seoul to Zurich, Switzerland, when the radio contact was suddenly discontinued, a spokesperson said. After the plane landed, a technical defect was detected, police said.

  • Swiss choose sustainable energy

    Swiss choose sustainable energy

    zurich May 21, 2017 17:18 Hot Recent News

    The population of Switzerland is behind the government's plans to invest billions in renewable energy and a ban on the construction of new nuclear power plants. That is the outcome of Sunday's binding referendum in the country. According to preliminary figures, 58.2 percent voted for the plans.

  • Vienna best city to live in

    Vienna best city to live in

    vienna March 14, 2017 05:42 Hot Recent News

    Vienna is again the best city to live in. For the eighth consecutive year, the Austrian capital at the top of a list that is annually compiled by consulting firm Mercer on quality of life. Amsterdam is in twelfth place in the list published Tuesday.

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