Toddler survives two days and deceased mother

Toddler survives two days and deceased mother

World October 9, 2015 21:50

- A two - year-old boy has survived a great tragedy wonderfully. His foster mother and brother were killed in the apartment of the family, so the toddler two days without care, food and drink remained.

Erika Tomassian was with her ​​foster children Nathan ( 2 ) and baby Michael in her apartment in Los Angeles when she died suddenly during feeding of Michael.

Only two days later the family was found when a neighbor had heard crying Nathan. His brother was already overleden.De police tells US media that the boy was found dehydrated but his condition is now stable. According to a spokesman, he had still tried to take care of themselves by pulling open all cabinets in search of food or drinken. Moeder Erica was found sitting on the ground. It is not yet clear that she is deceased. The woman raised the foster children only.

Police are trying to trace relatives of Nathan, who is still in the hospital to take care of the boy in itself.

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