Google denies data gathering Android Car

Google denies data gathering Android Car

Tech October 8, 2015 15:52

- Google denies that the company collects data on motorists via its in-car multimedia system Android Auto, writes The Guardian. Earlier this week wrote the magazine Motor Trend that Porsche has deliberately chosen because Apple CarPlay Android car would violate the privacy of motorists.

According to Porsche Google wants to have a whole list of data carmakers . So ask the company according to the German carmaker to speed users, shift points and engine temperature. In fact, they want the data of the complete engine management have, said Motor Trend based people at Porsche.

Google denies the whole story.

In a statement to The Guardian according to the company having no data from motorists. If users are already sharing data , then have them there prior permission. The data given voluntarily according to Google, the company will for instance offer better navigation.

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