Extremism Molenbeek with ' root and branch eradicate '

Extremism Molenbeek with ' root and branch eradicate '

World November 14, 2015 22:30

brussels - It is high time that the broom goes through in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. The Belgian Minister Jan Jambon Safety Interior is tired of the Brussels borough is still a stronghold of Islamic radicals. He wants to eradicate extremism,null, root and branch. "

He said that on Saturday against VTM News. According Jambon succeed in other cities and towns such as Antwerp and Vilvoorde indeed to effectively combat jihadism. Through good cooperation include the police and social services as the number of Foreign rebel fighters in the Syrian Civil War reduced to zero. Molenbeek contrast, keeps new radicalized Muslim extremists produce.,null, This can not go on ", said Jambon.

In the town where many from Syria and North Africa. The mastermind behind the terror cell in early January was raided in Belgium Verviers, also came. Saturday was during raids in the town of three men arrested who were part of the terrorist group the day before in Paris sowed death and destruction.

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