Desktop versions of sites open on your iPhone

Desktop versions of sites open on your iPhone

Tech January 4, 2016 16:14

- Not so long ago it was quite a drama to view websites on your iPhone. Because Apple may ever have advertised the fact that the iPhone does not show a mobile version of the Internet, but just the internet in its full glory, the reality has proven otherwise.

         Sites designed for a desktop browser, do not work efficiently on a smartphone or tablet, simply because a touch screen is a different way of working than a mouse. That this is true is shown by the fact that virtually every site now has a mobile version, which is optimized for the touch screen of your smartphone. The beauty is that smartphone browsers are smart and automatically access the mobile version of a site if it is present. Efficient, but not always practical. Sometimes you want, by definition, see the desktop version of a website. Not because it is the most efficient way of browsing, but simply because the desktop version contains a function that lacks the mobile version. Then it is good to know that you can force your iPhone to access the desktop version of a site. Keep the Refresh button pressed for a desktop version desktop version to force open way off you had previously applied a rather cumbersome method, but since the release of iOS nine is simple. All you have to do is navigate to the site that you want to open, and then hold down the Refresh button. Then the Prompt appears to desktop site, which you press. Admittedly, this does not work 100%, there simply are website developers who by definition do not want your desktop site on your mobile open, but in 90% of cases it works very well. It really does not succeed, then you can always consider installing another browser, such as Atomic Web Browser, which indicate your kung as what device the iPhone needs arise. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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