CNN blunders with photo of Ribéry

CNN blunders with photo of Ribéry

World October 28, 2015 15:45

atlanta - CNN released this week a story about a young woman in Las Vegas who had frozen to death in a cryotherapy cabin, where the 80 degrees below zero. To illustrate, there was buried a photo of someone in a metal tank where the frost hits from.

Only, it was not just anybody, but the French footballer Franck Ribéry. He and his teammates tested to such a freezing tank in 2012 to see if the treatment effect would have on their performance. Cryotherapy would counteract fatigue and stress and injuries and muscle aches disappear. French media Wednesday stood on their hind legs after the mistake of CNN. " Perhaps the biggest blunder of the week. We already knew that our American neighbors have nothing to do with football, but this.. ", wrote the French magazine Nouvel Observateur. Woman found frozen to death in cryotherapy chamber ; health trend called into question https : // t. co / RPuZUgzbZr pic. twitter. com / Ci2p6g6F3Q- CNN (CNN) October 28, 2015

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