Clinton keeps standing during questioning

Clinton keeps standing during questioning

World October 23, 2015 08:18

- The interrogation of the American ex- minister and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday lasted for more than eleven hours. The Democrat was able to fend off the harsh criticism of the Republicans themselves.

The hearing was about the attack on the US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi in 2012, killing ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed. Clinton was then foreign minister.

Republicans accused Clinton ( 67 ) thereof that they ignored requests for more security in Libya and that they informed the public wrong about the nature of the attack. Clinton denied both allegations and called them painful. " I 've been thinking more about what is happening than you all together. I have lost more sleep than all of you together. I took the responsibility. "

The chairman of the inquiry, Trey Gowdy, Clinton said that no new information brought forward during her statement. However, the first few hours came the attack in Benghazi was barely covered and the interrogation mainly dominated by politics. In the race for the presidency was the US 's Clinton important that they are good would come out of the hearing.

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