Apple Music how it works on your Android smartphone

Apple Music how it works on your Android smartphone

Tech November 11, 2015 16:45

- Since Wednesday, the béta Apple Music available in the Play Store for Android. For all Android users who can not wait to try it out, we quickly familiarized with the beta version of Apple Music for Android.

A true Android app First of all we must admit that Apple is very well have succeeded Apple Music to be transformed into a true Android app, without thereby losing similarities with the original application. The first difference can be seen in the start-up; the function to a create family account disappeared. Have the first parable we are at the start even address; You must log in with your Apple ID. Assuming that is not every Android user in possession an Apple ID, this can be seen as the first obstacle for easy use of Apple Music on Android. Find out how simply create an Apple ID.    Tell Apple Music what you like. After logging in with your Apple ID, you get the chance Apple Music to tell what music you like. By proceeding in a genre to express the bubble is bigger and more Apple Music music of that genre for you to select. After selecting genres, you get to choose from a number of artists from your chosen genres. Anyone who, like me, choose reggae as a genre with hope Bob Marley dished get will be disappointed. Apple Music interprets the modern dancehall reggae and offers at the next screen the biggest hits of Sean Paul and Major Laser on. For you    The home screen of the Apple Music For you page. Here music is selected you may appeal. Pressing the menu button (three horizontal dashes) prints, you see the different features that Apple Music has to offer. The New screen focuses on new music of artists you probably would not look up. The Radio window refers to the station Beats 1 a 24-hour radio station constantly new programs of range is transmitted to artists. In addition to selected playlists, it is also possible to search for specific genres. As with the radio function of Spotify, it is possible to scroll through songs and songs to skip. Just like other streaming-radio stations, it is not possible, the previous to pick number back. Connect This has to be the department that Apple Music gives his strength. Here places artists and curators music news, and tracks special playlists. When you first the Connect window open, you can select which artists and curators do you want according to. Connect From that moment a sort of news feed with Content of the people you follow. These messages, you can Liking and then also it is possible to get a comment too leave. Media Player In addition to online content, it is also possible to create your own music Apple Music playback. The moment you buy songs in the iTunes Store or input from Apple Music, which appear in My music. It is possible to organize music on your Android device a playlist, all previously created playlists not recognized by Apple Music. Besides own music, it is also possible music organize the database of Apple Music and these offline making it available.    Android v. S. iOS In terms of usability is about Apple Music for Android equal to its iOS counterpart; Beats Radio offers plenty of music different genres and with Connect allows you to artists on a attractive way to follow closely. The advantage of this application on iOS that Apple Music in default music application is processed, Android already has her own app to play music and get with an Apple Music second (and a third for Spotify users) application for playing music. Time will tell if Apple succeeds Spotify on the Android Market to divest his throne. This article is brought to you by Total computer. nl

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