America is not happy with EU data decision

America is not happy with EU data decision

World November 2, 2015 23:15

- America is not happy with the decision of the European Court of Justice on Tuesday personal data of European Internet users. Which can not simply be transferred to the United States. The judges put a line through a decision of the European Commission in 2000 , which had identified the United States as a 'safe haven' for private data .

The White House said in a response that the US government is concerned about the economic consequences. The US Department of Commerce expressed & quot; deeply disappointed & quot; about the decision that a & quot; high level of uncertainty & quot; costs for businesses and consumers in the US and Europe.

The decision of the court covers about 4000 companies that data was brought to the US sturen.De case by the Austrian student Maximillian Schrems, who has an account on Facebook since 2008. He went to court after the revelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden that US secret services widely the Internet eavesdropping.

Facebook is registered in Ireland, but users' data are stored on servers in the United Staten.Volgens the judges in Luxembourg, the US government access to such personal information while it is not necessary for national security. That is in breach of privacy. In addition, users could not go to court to do something against, while a fundamental is.Schrems had first gone to the Irish privacy watchdog. Who said nothing they could do because the US regarded as safe haven.

Schrems therefore went to the High Court in Dublin, which the European Court asked for advice. According to the European judges does the status "safe haven" never that supervisors can not monitor houden.Vicevoorzitter European Commission Frans Timmermans promised to quickly come up with guidelines for the national authorities, such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority on how to deal with this ruling. & quot; Citizens expect safeguards and businesses need legal certainty. & quot;

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