All your photo editing do you do with these 20 free photo programs

All your photo editing do you do with these 20 free photo programs

Tech December 29, 2015 18:07

- In the summer you probably lap memory cards full of pictures. Do you want to manage them and finishing, then you might think quickly to the Windows Photo Viewer (or Explorer) and paid the Adobe Photoshop Elements. But there are plenty of tools that lets you free your photos reworked and manages.

         1. IrfanViewHet program IrfanView is surprisingly versatile. The tool is small and uses little system resources, so you can scroll smoothly through your photos and can look back with others. IrfanView is a remarkable number of file formats (including audio and video formats), and is even able to perform simple operations such as rotate and resize. It also offers some filters. One of the nicest features of the program is making changes to multiple photos (batch) simultaneously. Are not enough options, you can extend its functionality with numerous plugins. Learn how you can get started with IrfanView. Because IrfanView is so lightweight, it is suitable for viewing smooth and editing photos. 2. RawTherapeeFotobestanden on your camera, there are roughly two flavors: jpg and raw. Jpg is the standard that all PCs can deal with. Raw is primarily intended to store image information as possible. With a program like RawTherapee you then can later customize various settings. You can apply with RawTherapee include color correction, change perspective, change focus and adjust white balance. All this works on the 'non destructive' principle: to make all modifications are undone. RawTherapee can save your changes, or export to a jpg file. The program is very comprehensive and powerful, but requires some knowledge. A beginning of it you get on our website. Raw files contain more picture information than jpg files. 3. GIMPAls arrives on image editing, Photoshop (Elements) master in terms of features and quality of the operation itself. But the program comes with a price tag. Are you looking for a free equivalent, GIMP comes closest. The interface looks a little like an older version of Photoshop, with a profusion of buttons, windows and menus. It takes a while before you get the hang GIMP well, but then you have a very extensive image editing program available to you. Do you want to find your way in GIMP, please follow the workshop on our website. GIMP is the most extensive (free) Photoshop alternative. 4. Paint. Netis GIMP anything too excessive in terms of features and interface? Try Paint. JUST. With this program you can easily edit photos with filters include, color correction options and effects. Who like working with layers, may Paint. NET expanded to work. However, if you edit your psd files, then you have an additional plug-in required. The same goes for those who would like to use the program in Dutch. How Paint. NET used in practice can be read here. For simple operations with layers Paint. NET very suitable. 5. PhotoSunOm to fall directly to the point: PhotoSun is not a high flyer when it comes to photo editing. Because the program many basic operations perform very fast, it is still useful to have on hand. Start PhotoSun and drag a photo you want to edit the PhotoSun window. Basic operations such as rotating, resizing, cropping and red eye removal, run fluently. Behind the Effects button hides go some effects, eg to stabbing your photo in a retro jacket. Click on frames for beautiful photo frames. The options at the Collage button a little too simple, but very nice to make a 'wrong picture' with it. With PhotoSun you simply put a filter over the image. 6. XnViewDe XnView strength lies in the management and conversion capabilities. Search the file has been known to be a tough job. Not everyone renames pictures, and then search for that holiday snapshot from 1994, taken with your Canon, like looking for a needle in a haystack. XnView is looking into the EXIF ​​data of the files so that you actually have a picture from 1994, shot with a Canon takes back. Where the program with scores, converting files. XnView goes far beyond just file conversion. You can automatically edit a series of photographs and thus trim an entire photo collection, rotate, flip, resize, provided with texts, watermarks, etc. The acts range can export as script. Pictures emerge from your vast photo collection is best with XnView. 7. PixlrDat not always requires a good installation program proves the photo editing website Pixlr. All tools provided, can be used online via the browser. Pixlr offers a variety of online photo editing programs. Pixlr Express is a simple tool that quickly changes can be made without you having much prior knowledge needed. Pixlr Editor is more comparable to Photoshop Elements. It is Dutch and total does not include professional tools. Finally, there is the Pixlr-o-matic, which you quickly bijknipt a picture and provides a filter. Within a minute a photograph edited with Pixlr-o-matic. 8. PictomioDe time we were still with real books on her lap, is largely behind us. But all this farewell take, do not due to Pictomio. With this tool, you can cleverly combined by you browse photos. The program provides an interface with a familiar format. In addition, it also has a handy compartment for adding favorite folders, most recently accessed folders and browsing through the photos using the geolocation of the photos on a globe. There are different views to scroll through the pictures (thumbnails, filmstrip, single image carousel). Also, make slideshows by dragging pictures into an order. Slideshow with transition effects is easily made. 9. Zoner Photo Studio 16 FreeZoner Photo Studio 16 Free is a photo editor that practical applications are possible. You have to activate it once by specifying an email address. Zoner Photo Studio Free is also immediately a program to manage your entire photo collection. On the left you find a folder of photos on, and bottom appear in a filmstrip of thumbnails. Also you can see a preview of the currently selected image in the center of the screen. Right corner, click the Editor tab to edit the selected picture. You can return at any time in the photo manager by clicking on Manager. In the middle is space reserved to view the selected photo. 10. Microsoft ICEMicrosoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) is a powerful program. According to the accompanying video on the download page ICE may merge two hundred pictures into a panorama. The ease of ICE is good. You drag the photos in the window and the panorama is made with the push of a button. Then choose automatic crop and the edges are neatly cut of the panorama. After making the panorama, you can export the file in various formats: jpg, tiff, png, psd (Photoshop), deep tileset zoom and HD photo image. The latter two are for displaying web pages in high quality and with the ability to zoom. Craft photos together into one large panoramic image. 11. Opanda IExifHet Opanda IExif tool is not intended for viewing the photograph itself, but rather all the EXIF ​​information that contains the picture. This information is disclosed, for example with the camera the picture is taken, exposure time, or the flash is used, ISO, and many, many more. At the bottom of the program is to see a thumbnail of the image that you've retrieved all the EXIF ​​information so that you know exactly which camera settings give any results. Would you like to change the EXIF ​​data, you can do when you install it the tool Opanda PowerExif Editor. With Opanda IExif see you not so much the picture, but rather other information. 12. PicMonkeyPicMonkey is like Pixlr online service that lets you edit a photo on a website. You upload the image, and you get a set of editing tools to tinker with the photo. You can automatically improve photo PicMonkey, but unfortunately the results are not always pretty. You can better yourself tinkering with the toolbox left in the browser. When you're done, you download the image (with a maximum resolution of 4000x4000, large enough so) and you can instantly share the image on social networks. Just a quick online can edit a photo with PicMonkey handy on holiday for example. 13. PixNameEen useful tool to organize your photos is PixName. The interface of the program does not look very attractive and probably you have the help function in the beginning needed regularly. But if you've found your way, you have to PixName an extremely useful utility that allows you rename entire groups of photos, rotate or search based on entered criteria (such date). After installation you give to what your image folder, then you can also use the program to import photos from the camera, a folder or e-mail. They stand without hernoem- rote and rioting in one fell swoop ready in the right folder. Import your photos and give them directly to the desired file name and rotation. 14. FotorWanneer Fotor you start, you immediately face a choice: you open the module or Edit Collage? The naming is already a good indication of what you can expect from both modules. When Edit is the intention that you first will load a photograph, after which can be worked in various ways. That's what a panel ready with sections such as Scenes, Crops, Adjust, Effects, Borders and Tilt-Shift. Collage module is specifically aimed at bringing together different photos. This can be done two ways. Whether you choose a specific template (there are eighty of designs available), or choose the option Freestyle. The editing of Fotor are not particularly extensive. 15. PhotofiltrePhotofiltre is one of the more comprehensive free photo editing tools that can be found there. There are simple presets to adjust the exposure and color of your photos, but if you delve deeper into the menus, you will notice that there are too many settings that you can adjust manually. Is very convenient that you can work with different layers. You can also easily add cool filters and decorate the photo with different effects. This is Photofiltre both a handy tool for people who want to spice up a picture as quickly and for the more advanced user. \x3d http: gt; Photofiltre is a free tool with the functionality of a paid one. 16. FaststoneHet program Fast Stone throwing is called a different approach: the program is more focused on organizing your photographs. It's a piece of cake to import photos and organize them. But Faststone is more than just a handy tool to keep things neat. There are a few quick ways to edit your photos. This allows you to adjust color levels, remove red eye and resize or crop the picture. Ideal as fast as what will make small changes. \x3d http: gt; Faststone is focused more on organizing your photos, but he certainly can edit. 17. Picture Editing. euBij photo editing website. eu you do not need a program to edit your photos, you just do it in your browser. The possibilities are not as extensive as in one of the better known programs, but if you quickly want to edit your material, it is a convenient option. You can choose from many effects that will give just that little bit extra, add extra layers to brighten your picture or play with the format. Nice addition to the Labels option, whereby for example, you add a mustache or other images to your photo. Altogether photo editing. eu especially a nice tool. \x3d https: gt; You need to download anything, photo editing. eu so to use in your browser. 18. PhotoPlus PhotoPlus can more or less be placed in the row with real Photoshop substitutes. Even the interface is very similar, and the extensive possibilities reminiscent of the Adobe program. The program offers numerous va options to edit your photos in a professional way. Fine is especially the option to customize the interface to your own wishes. PhotoPlus is a complete program with many and comprehensive editing. No sense to spend money on Photoshop and GIMP, but you find nothing? Then PhotoPlus definitely worth trying. \x3d https: gt; 19. Picture Customize. nlDe website picture customize. namely, as the URL indicates, from Dutch soil. This is very convenient, because most other programs and tools are made in English, or translated at least. Editing a picture. nl focuses on ease of use. You upload a picture and get to see quite a few editing options, such as solving underexpo- adding filters and effects. Picture Customize. nl is not a particularly powerful tool, but small mistakes and imperfections pictures you get there in an easy and quick way out. \x3d http: gt; Picture Customize. nl is a photo editing tool with a Dutch touch. 20. Dark Table For Linux and OS X users Dark Table must. Dark Table presents itself as a virtual light table and darkroom, words that we remember from the rolls of film time. The program, like RawTherapee intended to go on a non-destructive way with raw files to work. The possibilities are extensive and professional. After editing the raw files that can be exported into common image formats. Do not expect any short-term Windows version of this open source tool. The website will install during the installation process for Windows recommended Linux and Windows is mentioned in the blog 'that other OS. Dark Table is a powerful raw editor for Linux and OS X. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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