10 tips to get the most from Spotify

10 tips to get the most from Spotify

Tech December 3, 2015 15:30

- Spotify a convenient and easy way to listen to music that I do not tell you to doubt. Or the music industry is finally a favor it is still the question. But you actually use all the features of Spotify ?

If you use Spotify like me, you start the program, choose your favorite playlist and look no further for the program. Shame, because Spotify has much more features than that. Indeed, it is to some extent even a complete social network. Time to dive further into the world of Spotify to see what the program even more to offer. Tip 1- Radio station When listening to traditional radio, you naturally choose the drive that runs the music that you love. Now it is of course not possible for a radio station to run alone but music where you will be happy- at least not when it comes to making the 'old' way of radio. Spotify also offers radio stations, but without DJs and in a way that increasingly adapts to your taste as you longer uses. Radio stations are an ideal way to learn Spotify your taste. Start Spotify, log in with your account and pressure in the left pane Radio. There is a radio station you selected directly that you can play. Under the heading Your radio stations, you can select another radio station and top right, you can create a new radio station by clicking on radio and find a new artist or song. All you now need to do is listen to nice music and a song whether you like it or not. In the beginning, Spotify will have more often wrong than right, but the more you indicate what you like, the better the system will work. Tip 2- AfspeellijstenWil you have a little more control over the music you listen, you can of course use the playlists. There is of course nothing innovative, works with any music playlists in Spotify but you can be more with it than you might think. For example, it is trivially easy to copy a playlist from someone else. Playlists are easy to copy, and you can organize them into folders so that it is not junk. To do this, start a new playlist by clicking in the left pane, click New Playlist. Then you look in to the Spotify playlist whose content you like, select (hold down the Shift key) all the numbers and drag them to the playlist you just created. The advantage is that you can then adjust the playlist course itself. This is much faster than when you have to build it yourself from the ground up! Also handy: in Spotify, you can organize your playlists. When you right-click an empty area under the heading Playlists and then click Create Folder, you can easily organize your lists into folders so that it is not such a cluttered mess. Tip 3- Joint playlist no other nice feature is the ability to create common playlists. This does exactly what the name suggests. You share a playlist with one or more others. Anyone you have given rights to do so, can adjust the playlist. This of course means that you have less control, but it's also great fun to see what happens to your playlist happens when you have to let him by people with the same taste as you. It's a perfect way to discover new music. To create a shared playlist, first create a playlist as explained in the previous step. Then right click on the playlist and click on Shared Playlist. You should now expect that you can choose who you want to give access to the playlist, but you'll have to do it manually. Again right click on the playlist and then Copy Link to playlist. The link to the list is now in your clipboard, you can share it with anyone you want to access. AdvertentiesHet fact that Spotify allows you to also free to listen to music, of course, has everything to do with the annoying commercials that come between. Is a paid account take the only way to get from there? No, there are programs that suppress the signs, such as Blockify which gives you the ability to play back an mp3 when an ad is triggered. You download Blockify here, but at your own risk. Although there are no examples are known of people who are blocked for this reason, it is not clear whether the suppression of the advertisements is illegal or not. You can suppress the ads in the free version of Spotify, but we do not know whether it is a criminal offense. Tip 4- add your own music though the range of music on Spotify is huge, you will occasionally run into artists completely missing from the music service (Taylor Swift is a good example). Sure, you can then move to another program to listen to the music of the artists that you are missing out on Spotify, but fortunately that is not necessary. Indeed, it is for some time also possible to listen to your own music collection into Spotify. In the left pane you see the cup Your music, with very bottom of local files. When you click it, you will initially see anything, you must tell namely Spotify where those files. You do this by clicking the top of the Edit / Preferences and clicking under the heading Local Files on Add Source. Incidentally, you can also specify that the music you have purchased should be displayed in iTunes. If you now click in the left pane, click Local files, you can find music from the folders that you have added the source. You do not have to keep up the supply of Spotify, you can also add your own music. Tip 5- Music zoekenDat you can use the search field in Spotify to find the song what you're looking for is no firm news. But did you know that the search box offers convenient options so you can search more efficiently? For example you can very focused search for popular music in the period between 2001 and 2006, to name a few. The search function that goes with it's year: 2001-2006 genre: pop. That's lovely looking, because sometimes you're not looking for a specific song, but a specific feeling of a certain time. Are you looking for a particular user, then you search for user: username. For example, the search engine Spotify suddenly becomes a lot more powerful! The search engine is smarter than you think. Tip 6- Music ontdekkenEen of the best features of Spotify is of course the possibility to discover new music. We already touched on in the step of radio stations, but there are many more ways to find new music. When you are in the left pane, click Browse, you can search music based on music charts, but also in terms of genres and moods. New Releases tab is of course gold, because that's exactly what you did before when you were browsing through the tank with new singles. Once you've added friends (about which more in step 8), you can easily discover new music by clicking on their profile and see what they are listening to music and what is in their playlists. So sometimes you come on great music that you never would have discovered without your friends. There are many different ways in order to discover more music. Tip 7- Music delenNet as in the real world it is not what we want to just consume, it is so nice to social music also share it with others. There are several ways to do that. When you're listening to a song you really like and want to bring to the attention of a friend, then you can click on that number with the right mouse button and choose Sharing. You can then choose your muziektip post to anyone who follows you, but you can also send it to specific friends by clicking on the top Send to. This does not work for numbers, you can also share entire playlists this way. Bring others even aware of great new music that you find. Tip 8- SociaalSpotify is actually not a social network itself, but because Facebook is pretty deep in integrated, feels and functions often true. When you link to Facebook Spotify (which you can do in Edit / Preferences / Facebook), you automatically get an overview of what Facebook friends also use Spotify. To once again that view at a later time, you left click on Activities (under Main window), and then click View All. You can not add as friends on Facebook, but you can however choose to follow them (actually more like Twitter). Top right you see now what activities engage the people you follow on Spotify. And that is yet another convenient way to discover new music (or figure out that your friends do have a terrible taste in music). The social aspect of Spotify is so nice because you can easily see what your friends listen. No Lyrics few years ago, Spotify announced with great fanfare the ability to install apps on. Through apps could you, like for example Facebook, extend the functionality of the program significantly. So there was a popular app called musiXmatch which you could look at the lyrics of the song you were listening. Unfortunately, the apps Spotify has meanwhile been turned over the neck, with the exception of musiXmatch. When you click on the bottom right lyrics (in addition to the play bar), you will see the old familiar app as the only survivor. Curious about the lyrics of the song you're listening? Spotify has it for you. Tip 9- Music offline bewarenHet natural sounds unreal that Spotify offers you the option to download the available music, but it is really so. At least a little... because you download the songs only for temporary use in the program itself. This is a fantastic option if you put a few hours in an airplane or in any other location where you do not have internet. To enjoy your favorite music online, you right click on the playlist of your choice and then click Available Offline. On your smartphone, make the music available offline by opening a playlist and switch at the top of the Available Offline check box. Please note that this feature is not without limitations. You can create offline music up to 30 consecutive days available and a maximum of 3333 songs. If you sit for a while without the Internet, it is ideal that you can make the music available offline temporarily. Tip 10- Sound quality verbeterenTot Finally, it is nice to know that the sound quality of Spotify another piece can be improved. This is off by default because it also consumes more traffic, but if you are a true music lover then you have that probably over. Moreover, it is indeed possible only for those with a paid account. To improve audio quality, click Edit at the top and then click Preferences. Almost at the top of the cup is sound quality with below the (disabled) option streaming in high quality. Enable this option, and you can enjoy extra high sound quality. By default, the sound quality is not the best position. That lets you easily adjust. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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