• 'Elderly (96) ex-SS'er fit enough for prison'

    celle November 29, 2017 12:03 Hot Recent News

    The 96-year-old former SS man Oskar Gröning is probably not under his prison sentence. A court in Celle concluded on Wednesday in appeal that the elderly ex-Nazi is fit enough to disappear behind the bars.

  • Rivals of Libya close ceasefire

    Rivals of Libya close ceasefire

    celle July 25, 2017 17:54 Hot Recent News

    The Prime Minister of the Internationally-recognized Government of Libya, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the Commander of the Armed Forces, Khalifa Haftar, have agreed on a conditional ceasefire. This is stated in a joint statement issued after negotiation under the auspices of French President Emmanuel Macron.

  • German police arrest terror suspects

    German police arrest terror suspects

    berlin April 14, 2017 17:15 Hot Recent News

    Special units of the German police have arrested three suspected supporters of Salafist terrorist group. The two men and a woman accused of preparing an attack. This was reported by German news website Focus Online Friday, according to a statement from the Attorney General of the northern town of Celle.

  • Prison for stabbing teenager IS admired

    Prison for stabbing teenager IS admired

    celle January 26, 2017 12:27 Hot Recent News

    A teenager the terrorist organization Islamic State in the Hanover station admired and last year stabbed a policeman, was sentenced Thursday in Celle to six years in prison. The now sixteen year old student Safia S. has expressed regret in a letter to the extremely serious injured agent.

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