• Crocodile rock: fossil tribute Motörhead

    Crocodile rock: fossil tribute Motörhead

    london August 10, 2017 05:09 Hot Recent News

    A scouring crocodile that made the shallow seas unsafe 164 million years ago is named after the sometimes even fierce Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, the deceased singer of the British heavy metal band Motörhead. Scientists have baptized the 5.8 meter long reptile, baptized as Lemmysuchus obtusidens.

  • Dashcam captures horror crash

    Dashcam captures horror crash

    peterborough April 10, 2017 20:48 Hot Recent News

    The mother should almost four months in jail in the back seat survived a serious accident in the English Peterborough with her son and a half years. They caused a violent crash in December by driving at high speed at a roundabout. The car was launched and certainly flew four meters into the air. Accident shocking dashcambeelden.

  • Wheel 3,000 years old found

    Wheel 3,000 years old found

    peterborough February 19, 2016 20:49 Hot Recent News

    Archaeologists have in the English city of Peterborough unearthed a three thousand year old wheel. On the site once stood a village which was built on stilts over a river. That village was in flames and disappeared into the riverbed.

  • Brits find out Bronze Age settlement

    Brits find out Bronze Age settlement

    peterborough January 12, 2016 18:35 Hot Recent News

    British archaeologists in the City of Peterborough in the English county of Cambridgeshire found a settlement from the Bronze Age (3000 to 800 BC). They found remains of houses that three millennia ago have been destroyed by fire. The enclosures were built on stilts above a river. The remains after the fire fallen into the water and preserved in the mud of the river.

  • Muslims pray in synagogue Ontario

    Muslims pray in synagogue Ontario

    peterborough November 28, 2015 00:00 Hot Recent News

    Muslims in Peterborough, a town in the Canadian province of Ontario, Friday pray in a synagogue in the city. The Canadian broadcaster CBC reported that the Beth Israel Synagogue, a refuge for Muslims of the Masjid al- Salaam Mosque, which was founded November 14 fire. The police assumes that this was a ' hate crime ' (hate crime) directed against Muslims. The damage amounts to at least € 56,000.

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