Brits find out Bronze Age settlement

Brits find out Bronze Age settlement

World January 12, 2016 18:35

peterborough - British archaeologists in the City of Peterborough in the English county of Cambridgeshire found a settlement from the Bronze Age (3000 to 800 BC). They found remains of houses that three millennia ago have been destroyed by fire. The enclosures were built on stilts above a river. The remains after the fire fallen into the water and preserved in the mud of the river.

That's what scientists at Cambridge University announced Tuesday. In the affected area are also utensils found: textile remnants, wooden keys, glass beads that belonged to a chain and vessels which have been found the remains of food. The researchers believe on the basis of the excavations to determine what the inhabitants of the settlement wore and ate. The whole will be able to provide a clear picture of what the town used to look like and even how it smelled.

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