Should I upgrade my iPhone 4s iOS to 9 or not?

Should I upgrade my iPhone 4s iOS to 9 or not?

Tech November 2, 2015 23:34

- Users of older iPhones and iPads you which update of Apple's iOS with fear and trembling met. After all, it is just possible that your device is suddenly no longer compatible with the new operating system.

The result is that it will not be long before you ever fewer new apps to download, and the apps that you do have to do it are no longer on your device. People with iPad 1 or iPhone pre-iPhone 4 made aware of this. They left with a device that is still beautiful, but that you are actually standing still in time.

So what about the people who still use an iPhone 4s? Yes, the new operating system may still be geintstalleerd on their phone, but they actually have some of that? iOS 8 on your iPhone 4s is already an operating system that your phone is pretty slow, so be it iOS only nine have been getting worse? We once watched how that stands exactly.

iPhone 4S and iOS 9

It remains strange. Technically, the iPhone 4S is still a wonderful device. Put an iPhone 4s on the table in the trendy coffee shop where you sit on a Frappuchino suck and no one will whisper about those "old phone" you lie. And yet you know as an owner of an Apple device that inevitable moment comes when your device by the bigwigs Apple is designated as a system that no updates are going to get more. And there you are on the phone or tablet that has cost you a lot of money, and where you were a few years very hip with. It's just annoying that the phone where you were so proud of has fallen out of time while there is so much should be able to participate.

In any case, good news for those millions of people who still use their iPhone 4s daily: iOS9 working on their phone. In fact, iOS nine even seems to work better than iOS eight! Is the iPhone 4S completely calculated on iOS nine? That will not. Several features do not work on the older model phone and fast it all goes not. So you will have to balance yourself or you do not prefer iOS 7 continues to use.

Move with the times

If your iOS ninth on your iPhone 4s have geintstalleerd you at first glance little sign of slowing down. Well, if you are there by chance an iPhone 6 next you see that apps need a few seconds longer to boot. Yet that is not insurmountable, just as the fact that download and multitask go slower. It is annoying if you use the official camera app for the iPhone which gives delay if you want to take a picture. Tricky if you want to quickly take a photo! A bigger problem is the fact that the new operating system really was made for larger phones. The image on your phone is all set on the larger screen of newer iPhones.

So little screen stays on eg when you are busy with your keyboard. Also regrettable is that some new apps are not working. Touch ID and apple pay do not, just as certain as new signs of goodies in your notebook. Whether this is insurmountable depends a bit on what your wishes are for the use of your telefoon.Ons not very bothered. It's mainly inconvenient if you just quickly want to do something with the phone, and nervous when you have to wait longer than two seconds. But the smartphone functions further entirely properly and is well equipped with the slick new OS. The system allows you to use the Low Power mode, which allows you the life of your battery which can stretch.

Do I need to update my iPhone 4s iOS to 9 or not?

Despite the fact that iOS 9 itself works on the iPhone 4S, we'd still recommend, if you still have it on your iPhone, to continue to use temporarily iOS 7. This is the system that works best on your iPhone 4s, which is further supported. This is guaranteed to cease within the next several years, maybe that's the time to switch to iOS 9. If you want to iOS 9 to be able to necessarily use the new functionality, this will have no sense anyway since unfortunately not working.

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