Seven terrorists attacks Paris slain

Seven terrorists attacks Paris slain

World November 14, 2015 22:00

- In the wake of six bombings in Paris Friday, there is increasing clarity. Seven terrorists were slain. When the bloody attacks were 129 people killed and 352 others injured, 99 of them are in critical condition in the hospital, said prosecutor Francois Molins Saturday in Paris.

Among the perpetrators are at least a Syrian and a Frenchman. The passport of the Syrian early October registered on the Greek island of Leros, possibly did the man himself as an immigrant. The Frenchman was known to the police. He was monitored since 2010 because he radicalized. The 29- year-old was convicted eight times.

Meanwhile hunted for the perpetrators and accomplices. In Brussels, Saturday made ​​the first arrests, three people were arrested in raids in connection with the attacks. One of them was on the day of the attacks in Paris.

In Brussels, three arrests were made in connection with the attacks.                         Photo: AFP

The link to Belgium was previously reported as witnesses of the attacks reported were a car with Belgian plates where the perpetrators reason.

Authorities in Germany investigate the arrest of two weeks ago. A 51- year-old man with heavy weapons and explosives in his Volkswagen Golf was then arrested. He had Paris as a destination stand in his navigation system. It is unclear whether the man had anything to do with the attacks on Friday.

France is in deep mourning Saturday. There is a decree declared a mourning period of three days. Monday will be at 12 o'clock a minute 's silence was observed in the European Union, to commemorate the victims. In the French town of Grenoble, thousands of people participated in a commemoration. On the Grand Place in Brussels was one Saturday in a minute silence.

Photo: Reuters

European and American leaders have expressed their condolences. Except that there are security measures in place to prevent a possible sequel. There is introduced tighter controls at the borders of countries such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.

There is extra police deployed at the German- French border. Agents are equipped with machine guns and bulletproof vests and are prepared to search every train from France.

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