In ten years virtually traveling with Facebook

In ten years virtually traveling with Facebook

Tech November 4, 2015 16:15

- " Facebook wants to make a device that makes it possible to be anywhere you want, with who you want, regardless of geographic boundaries. " Mike Schroepfer, the technical boss of Facebook, hoping that such a teleporter within ten years is a fact.

That Schroepfer said yesterday during a press conference at the Dublin Web Summit, writes Business Insider UK.

Early next year the Oculus Rift VR glasses of the company. Schroepfer hopes that the VR glasses in the future can keep the senses of users fooled into thinking that the virtual world is real, the world to emulate around you in real-time and ordinary people the opportunity to all they think of making 3D.

Facebook has already put the first steps towards this goal. It is working to find solutions to three problems that exist today to make sure that virtual reality is a fake look.

To really make it look like it's important that people can see themselves in it, such that they see their hands and feet as they look down. Special Oculus Touch controllers, which appear in the second half of 2016, give this feeling because they detect the movement of the user and make interaction with objects in the virtual world as possible.

The second challenge is to simulate the actual environment. The company acquired last year Surreal Oculus Vision is working on ways to model the world and to reconstruct a scene which can transfer real-time virtual reality.

Finally, people must be able to create their own virtual worlds without it costs too much money or training required. The Touch controllers are equipped with an application that people can form 3D objects.

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