Google push to remove 'pirate links

Google push to remove 'pirate links

Tech November 23, 2015 15:45

- Google gets more and more requests to remove pirates processing websites. Last month flocked many as 66 million requests within, the tech company from Mountain View announced on its website. This equates to 1500 requests per minute.

Over 5,500 copyright owners of a total of 2500 requests such organizations serve 66 million in order to remove a URL. They included almost 72 000 domains. Most complaints received within Google unblocksit about the domain. es. This website makes it possible for users to circumvent blocked websites via a proxy connection. The requests for the removal of websites that would be recent years has exploded with copyrighted content. In 2011, only several hundred requests per week. From the following year, it suddenly runs to millions of requests per week. And each year the number doubles about it.

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