Google Maps knows where you want to go

Google Maps knows where you want to go

Tech January 14, 2016 17:14

- A new version of the Google Maps application for Android can guess where exactly you want to travel. This was reported by Android Police, which holds a new version of the app.

         The application looks to include your current location and most recent search results and concludes from this that the most logical destination, even before the user enters something. Then shows include the fastest route and the situation on the road.
The purpose of the new mode, called Driving Mode, is to facilitate the movement between two known points. So the app will be most used, for example, commuting to view the situation on the road, but this conclusion is Google Maps so now all by myself. However, if you just have an address googled, it will also consider as an option.
The new Google Maps version is currently being rolled out.

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