Cubans via Belgium to the US

Cubans via Belgium to the US

World December 4, 2015 08:45

- Belize might provide a solution to the more than 4,000 Cuban refugees stranded in Costa Rica. The country must therefore open the borders so that the Cuban people to continue their planned journey through Central America to the United States. Belize and Costa Rica are reflected in each negotiating.

Because Nicaragua earlier decided to close its borders, has a large number of refugees from socialist Cuba accumulated in Costa Rica. If Belize open borders, the Cubans through an airlift should be brought to the country as Belize is not a neighbor. It is likely that the refugees must pay themselves.

In recent weeks, a growing number of Cubans leaving their country to go to the United States. Now Washington and Havana continues to normalize their relations, they fear that it will soon no longer as easy as before to obtain a residence permit for the USA.

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