Computer determines how smart you are

Computer determines how smart you are

Tech January 7, 2016 16:49

- Obviously you know a long time that you are irresistible, but now you can also provide evidence. Scientists have developed an algorithm that analyzes faces and then indicating how old you estimated what sex you are and how clever you are.

         It was developed by researchers at the Swiss university ETH Zurich commissioned by dating website Blinq. The program uses facial recognition software, artificial intelligence and data on how people judge each other's appearance.
Users can upload their own photos or those of others
A special website Blinq. Next, a tribute age, sex, and not least you score on the beauty scale. The six steps walk Hmm.. to Godlike.
Incidentally, you can question the reliability of the algorithm. As Jack Nicholson gets as the character Jack Torrance in The Shining judgment 'Stunning'. I come there with 'Nice' pretty badly off, but I may as 40 senior citizen in my hands squeezing with an age estimate of 28.

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