'Abdeslam planned new attacks'

'Abdeslam planned new attacks'

World March 20, 2016 15:31

brussels - Terror Suspect Abdeslam Salah was arrested Friday are busy plotting new attacks in Europe. That the Belgian Foreign Minister Reynders said Sunday.

To investigators Abdeslam said he 'something new' was preparing. His claim is supported by the discovery of a large number of weapons in the house where he was staying. In addition, he had, according to the police established a new criminal network in Brussels.

Abdeslam was Friday, four months after the terrorist attacks in Paris, was arrested in Brussels. He would have played a major role in the preparations and execution of the massacre in the French capital.

The big question is how the terrorist all this time managed to stay out of the hands of the police. Initially it was thought that Abdeslam had fled with the help of Islamic State in Syria, but it turns out that all this time he probably just stayed in his hometown of Molenbeek.

According to federal prosecutor Frederic Lion he could stay under the radar for so long thanks to family and friends. 'There was a certain solidarity between neighbors and relatives,' said Van Leeuw against the French-speaking channel RTBF.

So spent two friends Abdeslam back to Brussels and other friends took him to different hiding places after the attacks in Paris.

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