• Kill by attack on UN-based Mali

    Kill by attack on UN-based Mali

    bamako April 6, 2018 06:42 Hot Recent News

    Certainly two blue helmets were killed in Mali by attacking a UN base at Adjelhoc, in the northeastern Kidal region. Ten others were injured. Nothing has yet been published about the nationality of the victims.

  • Blue Helmet death in Mali

    Blue Helmet death in Mali

    bamako August 7, 2016 20:27 Hot Recent News

    Definitely a blue helmet on Sunday arrived in Mali killed when an explosive device blew up at a UN vehicle. Several soldiers of the peacekeeping force were wounded, told UN mission Minusma.

  • UN base attacked in northern Mali

    UN base attacked in northern Mali

    kidal February 12, 2016 11:49 Hot Recent News

    A base of peacekeepers from the United Nations in northern Mali was attacked Friday. In the early morning extremists shelled the camp in Kidal with a rain of missiles, the French broadcaster RFI reported on the authority of witnesses. The attack definitely lasted two hours. Two Guinean peacekeepers were killed, thirty others were wounded, said a spokesman for the UN mission Minusma told Bloomberg.

  • UN base in Mali under fire

    kidal November 28, 2015 11:15 Hot Recent News

    Strangers have Saturday a UN base in Kidal, in northern Mali, bombarded with missiles. Four or five rockets were inside the walls of the base visit. An unknown number of UN troops has thereby injured, a spokesman for the UN Mission in Mali (Minusma) said.

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