• Wallsprings returned

    Wallsprings returned

    ceuta August 23, 2018 18:48 Hot Recent News

    Spain sent the 116 Africans who jumped the fence that separates the Spanish enclave of Ceuta from Morocco back to Morocco. According to EU regulations, 116 migrants have the right to apply for asylum once they have set foot on European soil.

  • Press 'fort Europe' is increasing from Spain

    Press 'fort Europe' is increasing from Spain

    barcelona July 26, 2018 13:51 Hot Recent News

    Bleeding hands, bruises, burns and respiratory problems: 132 migrants and 22 cops were wounded on Thursday after a group of more than 700 migrants stormed the Spanish enclave of Ceuta this morning. It was one of the most massive and violent storms of the Spanish enclaves in Morocco in recent years, and also illustrative of the youngest problem area in Europe.

  • Migrants storm Ceuta again

    Migrants storm Ceuta again

    ceuta June 6, 2018 10:30 Hot Recent News

    For the first time in seven months, the Spanish enclave of Ceuta has been stormed by migrants in North Africa. Approximately four hundred asylum seekers attempted to climb and enter the 6-meter high double fence around the enclave.

  • Refugees drowned at the Spanish enclave

    Refugees drowned at the Spanish enclave

    melilla February 4, 2018 12:39 Hot Recent News

    Nearly twenty boat refugees drowned in the vicinity of the Spanish enclave of Melilla in North Africa. The lifeless bodies floated on the water and, according to Spanish newspapers, were discovered by a passing passenger ship.

  • More than 500 refugees reach southern Spain

    murcia November 19, 2017 17:03 Hot Recent News

    Approximately 550 migrants have succeeded in entering Spain illegally this weekend. The Spanish news agency Europa Press reported on Sunday that a total of fifty boats from Africa were able to make the crossing to the coastal area of ​​the southern region of Murcia.

  • Research on international contacts imam

    Research on international contacts imam

    barcelona August 21, 2017 08:36 Hot Recent News

    The Spanish police are investigating the contacts with Ripoll's imam, the alleged leader of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, with members of Islamic State in Belgium, Morocco and France. Police sources said against the newspaper El País that Imam Abdelbaki Es Satty was probably rationalized during one of those trips.

  • Again rush Ceuta

    Again rush Ceuta

    madrid February 20, 2017 08:27 Hot Recent News

    The Spanish exclave of Ceuta, on the Strait of Gibraltar, on Sunday night got back to handle a rush of migrants. About 350 people managed over or by reaching the six-meter high double fence from Morocco European territory. There were eleven wounded, of whom some with broken bones ended up in hospital. That the Red Cross announced Monday.

  • First storming Spanish enclave 2017

    First storming Spanish enclave 2017

    ceuta January 1, 2017 19:51 Hot Recent News

    have in the first hours of this year, more than 1,100 migrants stormed the fences around the Spanish North African enclave of Ceuta. Spanish and Moroccan border guards tried to prevent the massive border crossing. In addition, five Spanish and numerous Moroccan officers were injured, according to reports from Spanish media.

  • 'Humanitarian aid' as a cover for weapons

    'Humanitarian aid' as a cover for weapons

    February 7, 2016 18:35 Hot Recent News

    Spanish police on Sunday arrested seven people suspected of supporting 'Islamist militant groups' fighting in Iraq and Syria. Under the guise of humanitarian aid they sent money and containers full of weapons, raw materials for bombs and computers to the battlefield, put the Interior Ministry in Madrid.

  • African migrants stormed Ceuta

    African migrants stormed Ceuta

    ceuta December 25, 2015 15:49 Hot Recent News

    With a mass assault on the border of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in Morocco is the 185 Africans succeeded in this piece of Spanish territory to arrive in North Africa. Two refugees came to the action on Christmas Eve killed. According to the Spanish news agency EFE were in the rush, one of the largest in recent months, involved more than 250 Africans.

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