• Departures Zaventem partly open

    Departures Zaventem partly open

    brussels May 1, 2016 14:07 Hot Recent News

    Departures from Brussels Zaventem Airport has been reopened Sunday in part, almost six weeks after the terrorist action that fifteen people were killed and extensive damage was caused. After an opening ceremony were passengers check in three flights.

  • Victims back at Maalbeek

    Victims back at Maalbeek

    brussels April 23, 2016 17:28 Hot Recent News

    About two hundred victims and survivors of the bombing of the Brussels metro station Maelbeek on Saturday visited the crash site Monday reopens for the station.,, This is an important step in the process of victims '', says the federal prosecutor.

  • Dozens of victims still in hospital

    Dozens of victims still in hospital

    brussels April 19, 2016 12:49 Hot Recent News

    Exactly four weeks after the bloody terrorist attacks stay in Brussels there are 44 victims of the attacks in the hospital. 24 of them are in intensive care. That made the so-called Crisis Centre at a press conference.

  • 'Combatants IS sends back to Europe '

    'Combatants IS sends back to Europe '

    brussels April 19, 2016 10:21 Hot Recent News

    Belgian terror fighters have indications that Islamic State fighters back to Europe, and specifically also to Belgium, sent to carry out attacks. According to Belgian media considers the Agency for Coordination and the Threat Analysis (OCAD) the risk of an attack in Belgium also still real.

  • March against Terror in Brussels

    March against Terror in Brussels

    brussels April 17, 2016 14:35 Hot Recent News

    Thousands of people on Sunday the street in Brussels gone to join the march against terror. The procession began at the North Station in the Belgian capital. Including through the neighborhood Molenbeek and the Stock Exchange, the route to the Fontainas, where musical acts and speeches are planned.

  • Minister steps on to Zaventem

    Minister steps on to Zaventem

    brussels April 15, 2016 09:42 Hot Recent News

    The Belgian Minister for Mobility Jacqueline Galant (MR) has offered her resignation, Belgian media report. Galant was under great pressure after the leak of a damning European report on monitoring safety at Zaventem Airport.

  • After terror multistep Belgium

    After terror multistep Belgium

    brussels April 15, 2016 06:56 Hot Recent News

    Parliament in Brussels Thursday night nearly unanimously approved a series of measures in the fight against terrorism. For example, more searches are done and the opportunities extended to a telephone. There are also common databases brought to life with information about Syriëstrijders.

  • Six terror suspects Brussels longer fixed

    Six terror suspects Brussels longer fixed

    brussels April 14, 2016 13:42 Hot Recent News

    The six suspects detained to remain in the cell for the attacks in Brussels. The Brussels court extended their detention by one month. It involves Abrini Mohamed Osama Krayem, Hervé B. M., M. Bilal El and the brothers Smail and Ibrahim F.

  • Attacks started at brothers Bakraoui

    Attacks started at brothers Bakraoui

    brussels April 13, 2016 14:42 Hot Recent News

    According to the propaganda sheet Dabiq of Islamic State (IS) are all preparations for the attacks in Paris and Brussels began with the brothers Khalid and Ibrahim al-Bakraoui. Who blew themselves respectively in Maelbeek Metro Station and Zaventem Airport.

  • EP reflects on terrorist attacks Brussels

    EP reflects on terrorist attacks Brussels

    strasbourg April 11, 2016 17:42 Hot Recent News

    The European Parliament has discussed the opening of the session in Strasbourg on Monday afternoon at the terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22.,, A black day for Belgium, a black day for Europe, 'said President Martin Schulz.

  • Traffic Zaventem deadlocked by checks

    Traffic Zaventem deadlocked by checks

    April 11, 2016 10:00 Hot Recent News

    Who from Brussels Airport in Zaventem going to fly, it is wise to go ahead of time from home. With that advice, the Traffic Information Service (VID) Monday. Through intensive police checks is the traffic stuck now the number of flights increases again from Zaventem.

  • No clarity on 'man with hat'

    No clarity on 'man with hat'

    brussels April 9, 2016 16:35 Hot Recent News

    It is still not clear whether the packed terror suspect Muhammad Abrini is sought 'man with hat', which can be seen on camera images of the attacks on the Brussels Zaventem Airport. Which has declared the Belgian judicial Saturday.

  • King congratulates Belgium police

    King congratulates Belgium police

    brussels April 8, 2016 19:49 Hot Recent News

    The Belgian King Philip congratulated the police for the arrest of two terrorist suspects Friday afternoon. According to Belgian media is one of the two suspects Mohammed Abrini, whose traces have been found in the house in Brussels from which departed the perpetrators of the attack at Zaventem airport.

  • New Videos man with hat '

    New Videos man with hat '

    brussels April 7, 2016 14:14 Hot Recent News

    Belgian investigators have shown new images of 'the man with the hat ', one of the perpetrators of the attack on Zaventem Airport. The man is more than two weeks after the attacks in the Brussels capital still missing. It is also unclear who he is.

  • 'Zaventem reopens Sunday

    'Zaventem reopens Sunday

    brussels April 2, 2016 13:07 Hot Recent News

    Brussels Airport Zaventem Sunday again will open for passenger flights. Reported that the Belgian broadcaster VTM Saturday. The airport was closed for two suicide terrorists on March 22 committed an attack. Zaventem gives itself at 15.00 a press conference.

  • Agreement on Zaventem

    Agreement on Zaventem

    brussels April 1, 2016 21:35 Hot Recent News

    The Belgian authorities have concluded an agreement with police unions about the security at Zaventem Airport. That Belgian media reported. According to newspaper De Morgen expect the unions to Interior Minister Jan Jambon comes up with answers to some questions. When the airport partially reopens, is still unknown.

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