• To sixteen terrorists Verviers

    To sixteen terrorists Verviers

    brussels July 5, 2016 15:57 Hot Recent News

    Members of the rolled terrorist cell in Belgium Verviers in January 2015 given prison sentences of thirty months to sixteen years. The court in Brussels ruled on Tuesday that the suspects wanted to commit an attack in Belgium, most likely at Brussels Airport in Zaventem.

  • Target terror cell was Verviers Brussels Airport

    Target terror cell was Verviers Brussels Airport

    brussels July 5, 2016 12:36 Hot Recent News

    The terrorist cell which in early 2015 was curled up in the Belgian Verviers was probably at Brussels Airport, known as Zaventem Airport, coined. That the Brussels criminal court said Tuesday during the trial of the suspects. The ruling follows later Tuesday.

  • 'Abdeslam played a major role in attacks'

    'Abdeslam played a major role in attacks'

    brussels July 4, 2016 21:06 Hot Recent News

    Salah Abdeslam played a much greater role in the attacks in Paris and Brussels, he made it appear. That assertion Mohamed Abrini, the so-called 'terrorist with the hat', which was known from the picture for the attack on the airport at Zaventem.

  • Two offenders Brussels buried under false name

    Two offenders Brussels buried under false name

    brussels June 17, 2016 12:48 Hot Recent News

    Two of the perpetrators of the attacks in Brussels on March 22 this week buried under a false name. According to the Belgian newspaper La Libre were Najim Laachraoui and Ibrahim el Bakraoui the earth ordered the Muslim section of the cemetery in Evere, a district of Brussels.

  • Man with hat 'extradited

    Man with hat 'extradited

    brussels June 10, 2016 03:09 Hot Recent News

    Belgium is one of the suspects of the terrorist attacks in Paris, Mohammed Abrini, over to France. Abrini is better known as the man with the hat 'who walked with explosives on March 22 in Zaventem Airport in Belgium. The French want to try the 31-year-old terror suspect for his role in the attacks.

  • All accesses stations Belgium reopen

    All accesses stations Belgium reopen

    brussels June 8, 2016 16:27 Hot Recent News

    All entrances to the train stations in Brussels, Antwerp and Liege are open again. After the terrorist attacks of March 22 in Brussels side entrances were closed for travelers to simplify security and not too much to burden the police and the army.

  • Belgium produces terrorists

    Belgium produces terrorists

    brussels June 3, 2016 17:33 Hot Recent News

    Three terror suspects of the attacks in Paris were arrested in Belgium in November will be extradited to France. A court issued in Brussels Friday that green light, says the federal prosecutor.

  • Check in Zaventem weather in departure

    Check in Zaventem weather in departure

    brussels May 30, 2016 15:39 Hot Recent News

    All travelers flying from Zaventem to check in again on Thursday, in the departure hall. The 21 airlines that their check-in desks were still housed in temporary structures, their customers operate again in the terminal.

  • Victims attack days metro company

    Victims attack days metro company

    brussels May 20, 2016 15:42 Hot Recent News

    Four victims of the terrorist attack in the subway days in Brussels Brussels public transport company STIB court. It announced on Friday their lawyer. The victims want to get let recognize the attack as a traffic accident in the hope of higher compensation from the insurance of the STIB.

  • Attack Zaventem reconstructed

    Attack Zaventem reconstructed

    brussels May 19, 2016 14:27 Hot Recent News

    The Max Roosstraat in the Brussels commune of Schaerbeek Thursday begins a reconstruction of the attacks at Zaventem Airport. A simulation of the events found later in the day in the departure hall of the airport site.

  • 19 victims Brussels in hospital

    19 victims Brussels in hospital

    brussels May 14, 2016 02:15 Hot Recent News

    More than seven weeks after the terrorist attacks in Brussels there are still nineteen victims of such attacks in Belgian hospitals, five of them in intensive care. That made the Federal Public Health Friday.

  • Terror Victim on iconic photo is back home

    Terror Victim on iconic photo is back home

    May 6, 2016 13:49 Hot Recent News

    Nidhi Chaphekar stewardess who was seriously wounded in the terrorist attack in Zaventem, is at home with her family. She took a Thursday flight from Paris to her hometown Mumbai (India) and could finally close her children in her arms after a half months. The woman became known after going over a photo of her, just after the attack, the whole world. 'It's the picture that saved my life.'

  • Again long lines at Zaventem

    Again long lines at Zaventem

    brussels May 3, 2016 09:28 Hot Recent News

    Also Tuesday Brussels Airport is the scene of long queues of passengers. The waiting times are up to a half hour because of the security controls in the tents arranged outside the hall.

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