Sisters find old love letters parents full of sex talk

Sisters find old love letters parents full of sex talk

World August 13, 2018 16:42

- After the discovery of a mountain of love letters from their deceased mother, a few sisters from Scotland were just as happy. However, the vote soon turned around.

'After our mother died she found a pile of love letters, written by my father when he worked in London in the sixties,' shared the Scottish wife Morven on Twitter. 'My sisters and I were holding each other's hands while weeping and opened one of the letters. '

The women would rather not have found the letters. Love was central in the love letter. 'It was only about how hard he missed it to take her. Apparently a real player, we have not read the rest. '

The tweet of the woman released a lot. The message was found more than 137. 000 times nice and there was also a lot of response. A twitterer asked if the woman was not happy that the relationship of her parents was very passionate. 'We knew they were in love, but it is different to read what sexual acts your mother has carried out with your father,' Morven said.

Other twitterers also shared such experiences. 'My grandmother gave my grandfather a 10 for his 'performance' in her diary,' writes Olwen. 'I once read the letters from my grandfather and grandmother who had to miss each other after the war. It really amazes me that they only have seven children, 'says another. Another twitterer, Marie, writes that her friend had found a photo of his grandmother's breasts. 'With the text 'do you miss them?' On the back. '

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