Protest Chicago after video shooting agent

Protest Chicago after video shooting agent

World November 25, 2015 08:00

- Hundreds of people on Tuesday in the US city of Chicago into the streets after police dispersed a video that shows how a white police officer shoots a black boy in October 2014.

The video came a few hours after the agent first appeared in court. He is accused of murder and may temporarily not be released on bail. The published video was created with a camera in a police car. According to prosecutors, the 17-year-old Laquan McDonald sixteen times hit by bullets from the weapon of agent Jason Van Dyke. Who states that his act is justified because he felt threatened. The boy would have had a knife with him and having used drugs.

The video shows how a white police officer in October 2014 Laquan McDonald shoots.                         

Photo: AFP                                          

Shortly after the images were posted on a police website, the site became overloaded because of the great interest. Chicago had prepared for protests, which appear to be peaceful. Protesters chant slogans such as " sixteen bullets, sixteen bullets ".! The City of Chicago spoke in advance with representatives of the black community in the city. Mayor Emmanuel called on people to remain calm. Chicago has family Laquan converted 4.6 million compensation paid. Warning: graphic images

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