Merkel: Dublin rules are outdated

Merkel: Dublin rules are outdated

World November 2, 2015 23:06

strasbourg - The Dublin agreement , which states that the country where a refugee enters the EU , is also responsible for handling the asylum procedure is obsolete. That said German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wednesday during a speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

'It was well conceived, but now, in the current circumstances, it appears outdated', said Merkel. Europe has to do for months with large groups of refugees arriving in Greece and Italy among others. But the numbers are so great that these countries are struggling to cope with the refugees to register and therefore their request down to handelen.

Merkel called for a system based on fairness and solidarity. She called for the equitable distribution of refugees across Europe. Especially in this crisis is & quot; need more Europe, not less, said Merkel.Zij called the refugee issue a challenge of historic proportions. We have cohesion and courage by Europe always showed when it really mattered, she said. France and Germany are willing hands in a store, but this challenge can not be opgelost.Merkel two countries issued a call to see refugees as people, not as a faceless mass. Nobody just leaves his country. They also underlined that those refugees remaining in Europe must integrate and language to leren.Zij also mentioned that Europe should try to call the shelter of refugees to a halt and try to fight the causes of the crisis.

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