Italy spell of horror murder

Italy spell of horror murder

World March 8, 2016 21:29

rome - A horrible murder keeps the Italians already busy days. Two men, Manuel Foffo (29) and Marco Prato (30), nbsp; wanted to know how much physical pain a person can endure before it dies. The 23-year-old Luca Varani was their victim. He arrived last weekend brutally killed.

Varani let herself without family and friends knew it, paying for sex with men. That night he was called by the sadistic duo, casual acquaintances who wanted to pay him 120 euros for sex and drugs.

That evening Varani was raped and then tortured long. His skull was smashed with a hammer. His vocal cords were cut so he could not call for help. Then, there is inserted with a knife on him. With the knife still in his heart the police found him.

Foffo told the story to his father. According to the father came by frequent use of drugs and alcohol. The suspect tried to commit suicide. The two were arrested this weekend in the city of Bologna.

The case not only get a lot of attention by the gruesome details but also because the father of Foffo a well-known restaurateur in Rome.

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