• Seventh body found under rubble Marseille

    Seventh body found under rubble Marseille

    marseille November 8, 2018 18:32 Hot Recent News

    The death toll due to the collapse of two buildings in Marseille has risen to seven. That says Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin. Two houses collapsed in the French city on Monday. Rescue workers have been looking for victims for days.

  • France helps migrant ship Aquarius

    France helps migrant ship Aquarius

    paris September 25, 2018 07:48 Hot Recent News

    Paris is looking for a 'European solution' for a ship sailing along the coast of Libya with 58 migrants picked up, the Aquarius. French media reported that employees of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, at the request of the aid organizations SOS Méditerranée and Doctors Without Borders, look at where the boat can go and where then the migrants go.

  • French people demand action against climate change

    French people demand action against climate change

    paris September 8, 2018 21:00 Hot Recent News

    Tens of thousands of French people have taken to the streets in large cities on Saturday to demand measures against climate change. They gave heart to former Minister of the Environment, Nicolas Hulot, among other things. He recently stepped out of frustration about the failing government policy in this area.

  • Aquarius gets 141 migrants out of the sea

    Aquarius gets 141 migrants out of the sea

    rome August 10, 2018 22:12 Hot Recent News

    After halting for weeks, the ship Aquarius has rescued 141 migrants from boats in the Mediterranean. About 25 nautical miles from the coast of Libya, 25 migrants were first taken from a small wooden boat. In the same area the crew of the Aquarius later took another 116 people on board.

  • France takes in 78 refugees Aquarius

    France takes in 78 refugees Aquarius

    paris July 12, 2018 18:39 Hot Recent News

    France has decided to include 78 refugees who were on the rescue ship Aquarius. That was what the French Ministry of Home Affairs announced. The ship brought the refugees to the Spanish Valencia at the beginning of this month, after it had been refused by Italy.

  • Suspects attack Jewish Museum for people's jury

    brussels April 19, 2018 14:39 Hot Recent News

    Main suspect Mehdi Nemmouche and his alleged henchman Nacer Bendrer at the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May 2014 must stand trial before a people's jury. The attack demanded the lives of two Israeli tourists, a volunteer and an employee of the museum.

  • Passengers injured by fire on ferry

    palma de mallorca November 12, 2017 15:45 Hot Recent News

    A ferry has made an emergency stop on the Spanish island of Mallorca on the way from the southern French port city of Marseille to Oran in Algeria after flying a car on fire.

  • The French are packing ten extremist militants

    October 17, 2017 19:06 Hot Recent News

    After a long and comprehensive investigation, the French anti-terrorism police arrested ten young right-wing extremists. The nine young men and a woman aged 17 to 25 have been arrested in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis northeast of Paris and near the southern port of Marseille.

  • Returning to Marseille

    Returning to Marseille

    chiasso October 11, 2017 03:57 Hot Recent News

    Two men were detained in Switzerland on suspicion of involvement in the strike in Marseille earlier this month. The two Tunisians were arrested in Chiasso, on the border with Italy.

  • IS demands Marseille attack

    IS demands Marseille attack

    marseille October 1, 2017 23:17 Hot Recent News

    Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for the attack in Marseille. A man brought a woman two women to death on Sunday. Press service Amak, the spokesman of IS, reported that the perpetrator was 'an IS soldier'.

  • Tourists attacked with hydrochloric acid

    Tourists attacked with hydrochloric acid

    marseille September 17, 2017 15:00 Hot Recent News

    Four American tourists have become victims of an acid attack at the Saint Charles Charles de Gaulle train station in Marseille. The women around 21-21 years were injected with hydrochloric acid in their face. A woman is detained by the police.

  • Car travels on bus shelves Marseille: a dead one

    Car travels on bus shelves Marseille: a dead one

    marseille August 21, 2017 10:18 Hot Recent News

    In the old town of the French city of Marseille a car has been arranged on two bus shelves. One incident killed the incident, reports the press agency Reuters. Certainly one other person was injured. According to the French police, it is not clear whether people have been deliberately assigned. The driver has been arrested.

  • Hundreds of firemen to southern France

    Hundreds of firemen to southern France

    le lavandou/martigues July 27, 2017 07:48 Hot Recent News

    Hundreds of firefighters from all over France help their colleagues in the south to fight forest fires. French media reported Thursday that 450 firemen and soldiers were sent to the southeastern department of Var to help the fire department.

  • Arrest due to forest fires France

    Arrest due to forest fires France

    le lavandou July 26, 2017 13:39 Hot Recent News

    According to French media, Corsica was arrested on suspicion of suspected fire. Fire fights are also suspected in other forest fires on the French mainland. Whoever is the detainee remains unclear.

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