• OM warns destroyers around asylum debate

    OM warns destroyers around asylum debate

    arnhem March 21, 2016 17:17 Hot Recent News

    The Public Prosecutor (OM) in the eastern Netherlands warns tough action against people who include mayors, aldermen and councilors threaten issues surrounding the reception of refugees. Justice wants to send a signal to the warning because it finds that rising social tensions.

  • Endangered mayor: 'I do not deviate'

    Endangered mayor: 'I do not deviate'

    amstelveen March 11, 2016 07:17 Hot Recent News

    Mayor Miriam van 't Veld of Amstelveen received a threatening letter due to the arrival of refugees.,, The content was so disturbing that I did immediately reported to the police, '' the manageress Thursday wrote to the city council.

  • 'Fake Dutch-lock'

    'Fake Dutch-lock'

    amsterdam January 20, 2016 13:35 Hot Recent News

    MP Öztürk of the political party think, like Wilders made a video message. He advocates not only for the detention of male asylum seekers, but to confine Dutch attacking refugees.

  • Geldermalsen gets big azc
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    Geldermalsen gets big azc

    geldermalsen December 11, 2015 22:07 Hot Recent News

    Municipality of Geldermalsen is getting hard for the arrival of a large refugee center in the Gelderland town. The mayor and aldermen unveiled plans Friday. The intention is to set up a complex with space for 1,500 asylum seekers. The AZC would be the next ten years of age must be in use.

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