• 'Dutch cyclists killed in Tajikistan'
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    'Dutch cyclists killed in Tajikistan'

    dushanbe July 29, 2018 18:09 Hot Recent News

    Several Dutch cyclists perished in the south of Tajikistan on Sunday afternoon, reports media in the Central Asian country. It is still unclear whether it is an attack or an accident. Some compatriots are also in a critical condition.

  • Almost all of Tajikistan without electricity

    Almost all of Tajikistan without electricity

    dushanbe October 28, 2016 20:36 Hot Recent News

    Almost all of Tajikistan Friday sat for hours without power. That was due in accordance with the national energy company to a failure in the hydroelectric Noerek. This is in the former Soviet republic, with over 8 million inhabitants, accounting for 75 percent of electricity production.

  • Tajikistan punished 'unclear' journalists

    Tajikistan punished 'unclear' journalists

    dushanbe August 2, 2016 08:21 Hot Recent News

    The Central Asian country of Tajikistan will punish journalists who use difficult words. Many articles state sometimes ten words 'simple' readers do not know, complain to the authorities of the State which is guided by a firm hand. They speak of a gross violation of the official language rules.

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