• Turkey stakes hint accession negotiations

    Turkey stakes hint accession negotiations

    bled September 6, 2016 14:33 Hot Recent News

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevl├╝t Cavusoglu Tuesday hinted at halting the accession negotiations with the European Union. The Turkish government is under tremendous pressure,, '' to stop the concert, because the Turkish population is appalled by the,, double standards' which pulls the EU across the country since the coup attempt in July.

  • Cousin murdered their own family money

    Cousin murdered their own family money

    May 20, 2016 07:03 Hot Recent News

    A family of six people in early February were stabbed to death in a bungalow in Chicago and-geschoten, is indicted by the police on Thursday (US time). The 22 year-old Diego Uribe is having killed along with his girlfriend of six suspected members of his own family, reported local authorities.

  • 'High ISIS-leader slain in airstrike'

    'High ISIS-leader slain in airstrike'

    barwana January 10, 2016 00:21 Hot Recent News

    In an air raid on the city Barwana in western Iraq, a senior member of terrorist group Islamic State slain. That the Iraqi Ministry of Defense reported Saturday. It would be Asi Ali Mohammad Nasir al-Obaidi. He was the second deputy to the manager of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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