• Men electrocuted at overhead line with 15,000 volts

    wismar December 10, 2017 09:06 Hot Recent News

    Two men were electrocuted at a station in the town of Wismar in eastern Germany. The police suspects that they have climbed on a locomotive early in the morning and have come too close to the overhead line with 15,000 volts. A doctor called for help could only establish death.

  • Father filming sexual abuse of children

    Father filming sexual abuse of children

    schwerin January 12, 2017 16:39 Hot Recent News

    A 37-year-old man from the German Wismar Thursday convicted by the court in Schwerin to five years and nine months in prison for sexual abuse of his daughter and stepson. Justice had no problem with the argument, because the man had his works filmed with his phone.

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