• End to largest passenger plane

    End to largest passenger plane

    toulouse February 14, 2019 13:16 Hot Recent News

    The curtain definitely falls for the largest passenger aircraft of all time, the Airbus A380. This double-decker bus that has been in the air for more than ten years appears to be a strategic blunder. The device is...

  • French people demand action against climate change

    French people demand action against climate change

    paris September 8, 2018 21:00 Hot Recent News

    Tens of thousands of French people have taken to the streets in large cities on Saturday to demand measures against climate change. They gave heart to former Minister of the Environment, Nicolas Hulot, among other things. He recently stepped out of frustration about the failing government policy in this area.

  • German plane crashed, 2 dead

    German plane crashed, 2 dead

    toulouse May 8, 2018 21:54 Hot Recent News

    A German airplane that was on its way to Toulouse crashed in the south of France. The two occupants were killed. According to the prefect of the Tarn department, the aircraft crashed due to the unknown cause in the vicinity of the village of Marnaves, about 60 kilometers northeast of Toulouse.

  • Fledged journalist victim attack

    Fledged journalist victim attack

    toulouse March 30, 2018 12:45 Hot Recent News

    A journalist from Azerbaijani origin and his wife were attacked by a gunman on Friday in a suburb of Toulouse. The journalist Rahim Namazov survived the attack despite serious injuries, his wife died according to the police.

  • 'Airbus will delete 3600 jobs'
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    'Airbus will delete 3600 jobs'

    toulouse March 3, 2018 14:30 Hot Recent News

    Aircraft manufacturer Airbus wants to scrap 3600 jobs because fewer aircraft are ordered, especially the Airbus A380 and military transport aircraft of the A400M type. This was reported by the French magazine Challenges.

  • Man kidnaps fateful baby from hospital

    toulouse January 6, 2018 10:21 Hot Recent News

    A French man has kidnapped his deadly sick son from a hospital in Toulouse. The two-month-old baby needs immediate care, warns the police, who issued a search alert on Saturday.

  • Wounded in Toulouse after attack dolleman

    Wounded in Toulouse after attack dolleman

    toulouse September 13, 2017 19:18 Hot Recent News

    In the French city of Toulouse, Wednesday night seven people were injured when they were robbed by a man of a year or forty. According to witness, he shouted Allahu Akbar as he jumped on unsuspecting passers-by. That reports French media.

  • French police arrest terror suspects

    French police arrest terror suspects

    paris December 28, 2016 13:18 Hot Recent News

    With the arrest of three suspects French police think may have prevented new terrorist attacks. The suspects were arrested in the area of ​​Toulouse. One of them, a man who was known for some time with the police, is suspected that he wanted to strike at New Year's Eve, a police source said Wednesday.

  • Injured in explosion electronic smokeables

    Injured in explosion electronic smokeables

    toulouse November 1, 2016 14:06 Hot Recent News

    A man in Toulouse severe burns suffered by the explosion of the battery of his electronic cigarette. The thing exploded with a huge bang and synthetic clothing caught fire. French media reported Tuesday that the incident took place last weekend at a nightclub.

  • French officer attacked with knife

    August 30, 2016 15:39 Hot Recent News

    A man at a police station in the French city of Toulouse a police officer stabbed in the neck. The policeman was injured but not life-threatening. The culprit could be immediately arrested.

  • Valls 'Marianne' performs in boerkinidebat

    Valls 'Marianne' performs in boerkinidebat

    August 30, 2016 15:24 Hot Recent News

    French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has in the boerkinidebat now even entered the national symbol 'Marianne'. The 'freedom goddess' is often depicted with bare upper body.,, Her chest is bare because they nourish the people. She hides nothing because she's pretty. That's Republic, '' Valls said at a meeting in the near Toulouse. He had previously stressed that should not be brought into question the position of women in society.

  • Arrest in Case murdered priest

    Arrest in Case murdered priest

    toulouse August 10, 2016 14:24 Hot Recent News

    When investigating the murder of the priest Jacques Hamel is a 21-year-old man arrested in the southern French Toulouse. The channel BFMTV reported Wednesday that the man had telephone contact with the two Islamic terrorists mental late July brought to life.

  • Plane for heavyweights

    Plane for heavyweights

    montreal July 12, 2016 09:57 Hot Recent News

    Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier anticipates the growth of heavy passengers. The CS100 is designed with some chairs 48 centimeters wide. Competitors Boeing 737 and Airbus A319 will not exceed respectively 44 and 45 centimeters, Canadians rejoice.

  • Marked Russian hooligan still in stadium

    Marked Russian hooligan still in stadium

    toulouse June 20, 2016 22:27 Hot Recent News

    The infamous Russian hooligan leader Aleksander Sjprygin, who was deported from France after fans riot in Marseilles, was arrested again Monday at the European Championship match Russia against Wales. Sjprygin himself expressed no harm aware and pointed out that he can travel freely within the European Union and had a ticket.

  • 'Million Painting on dusty attic '

    'Million Painting on dusty attic '

    April 13, 2016 10:42 Hot Recent News

    A French family has made possible the discovery of the century in their attic. Under a thick layer of dust was a painting that might be according to experts sometimes by the Italian artist Caravaggio. Estimated value: 120 million euros.

  • French secret service came back attack

    French secret service came back attack

    toulouse December 22, 2015 19:28 Hot Recent News

    The French secret service DGSI has broken up a terrorist plot in Orléans. Two men aged 20 and 24 years Saturday arrested in Orléans. A third suspect who would lead the conspirators, is a jihadist in Syria. This, the French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said Tuesday on a visit to the southern French city of Toulouse, according to French media.

  • Priest ' collected 700,000 euros in '

    Priest ' collected 700,000 euros in '

    toulouse December 1, 2015 14:30 Hot Recent News

    In the southern French village of Saint- Lizier is a priest embezzled more than a quarter century money from the parish. He appropriated between 1987 and his retirement in 2013 an estimated 700,000 euros. French media reported Tuesday that the now retired octogenarian cleric must answer in January in Foix court. He has the facts are known.

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