• AFD the largest in Saxony

    AFD the largest in Saxony

    berlin September 25, 2017 06:06 Hot Recent News

    The Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) received the most votes in Saxony on sunday. The right-populist party remained the CDU of Angela Merkel with 0.1 percent in the East German state.

  • Dutch stuck in Spain for drug trafficking

    Dutch stuck in Spain for drug trafficking

    las palmas September 17, 2017 11:36 Hot Recent News

    The Spanish police have rolled up an international gang suspected of the smuggling of heroin from the Netherlands to the Canary Islands. The Spanish press agency Europa Press reports that four of the suspects arrested are four Dutchmen.

  • No victims in Grenfell Tower team

    No victims in Grenfell Tower team

    london September 14, 2017 12:57 Hot Recent News

    The head of the team investigating the big fire in Grenfell Tower in London does not want to include any survivors in that team. The retired judge Martin Moore-Bick said that Thursday. The fire in Grenfell Tower broke out on June 14 and cost about eighty people's lives.

  • Poltergeist director Tobe Hooper (74) died

    Poltergeist director Tobe Hooper (74) died

    August 27, 2017 13:48 Hot Recent News

    Director Tobe Hooper passed away at the age of 74. He is especially famous for horror classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist. Hooper died in Sherman Oaks in the US state of California, reports Variety. The cause of death is unknown.

  • Fortieth Outmarket

    Fortieth Outmarket

    amsterdam August 25, 2017 07:03 Hot Recent News

    With more than three hundred performances, the Uitmarkt next weekend will start the new cultural season for the fortieth time. The event is not at the Museumplein this time, but stretches to a new location along the Oosterdok.

  • Trump launches new campaign

    Trump launches new campaign

    washington August 13, 2017 19:09 Hot Recent News

    The re-election campaign for Donald Trump started 'officially' on Sunday with the first commercial announcement on television. In the 30 seconds, the Democrats are being addressed and reiterated what the US President has achieved in his first seven months in the White House.

  • US soldiers killed in Iraq

    US soldiers killed in Iraq

    baghdad August 13, 2017 16:39 Hot Recent News

    Two American soldiers were killed during a mission in Northern Iraq. Five others were injured in Sunday's mission, reported the international coalition for the fight against terrorist group Islamic State (IS).

  • Trump sends envoys to the Middle East

    Trump sends envoys to the Middle East

    washington August 11, 2017 19:00 Hot Recent News

    US President Donald Trump sends his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and negotiator Jason Greenblatt to the Middle East to discuss with regional leaders a 'Path to In-House Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks,' said a white house official.

  • Jordan demands prosecution security Israel

    amman July 27, 2017 17:33 Hot Recent News

    Jordanian king Abdullah demands Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to prosecute the Israeli security guard who shot two Jordanians in Amman on Sunday in Amman on Sunday. This he said in a statement on Thursday. The king warned that the way in which Israel deals with the incident will have direct consequences for the relationship between the two countries.

  • VS: Qatar needs to be with critics at the table

    VS: Qatar needs to be with critics at the table

    washington July 13, 2017 20:51 Hot Recent News

    The United States wants the countries involved in the Qatar crisis to sit together. Direct talks between Qatar and the Arab countries that have isolated the Gulf State would be 'an important next step' in the resolution of the conflict, according to Minister Rex Tillerson (Foreign Affairs).

  • Who is following Al-Baghdadi?

    Who is following Al-Baghdadi?

    baghdad July 11, 2017 14:54 Hot Recent News

    With the possible death of IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the big question is: who is following him? Largest contenders are two former officers from Saddam Hussein's army. Not strange because the backbone of Islamic State is formed from the beginning by soldiers of the former dictator, which was sold by America in 2003.

  • The Netherlands gets a 3 for security

    The Netherlands gets a 3 for security

    sliedrecht July 8, 2017 09:09 Hot Recent News

    APM Terminals is by no means the only company in the Netherlands that has no computer security. 'At nine out of ten companies, there are steps to be taken.' According to cyber security, our country does not score ESET higher than a 3 or a 4.

  • Professor Cleiren: Wilders' wild idea

    Professor Cleiren: Wilders' wild idea

    to direct June 27, 2017 14:45 Hot Recent News

    Professor Tineke Cleiren, Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Leiden, sees little in Geert Wilders's initiative proposal to prevent potential terrorists from being prevented. The precautionary term should take up to six months, according to the political leader of the PVV.

  • More and more older people are chatting a lot

    More and more older people are chatting a lot

    amsterdam June 27, 2017 09:06 Hot Recent News

    More and more elderly people use social media to see what their offspring are doing and to chat, post, liken and share. Of the 65-plus, 39 percent last year used social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, 26 percent in 2014. This is evidenced by CBS figures. The difference in use with young people is getting smaller.

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