• ' I bite me down in big, greedy cases'

    ' I bite me down in big, greedy cases'

    December 12, 2015 07:07 Hot Recent News

    In all seriousness asks' Maserati-man Hubert Möllenkamp me : "Have I your mother ever put out house that you remain on leave me ?" I started laughing, this is hilarious. Another protagonist of the Rochdale affair tells my colleague that he would accelerate if he would see me in a crosswalk. I think that's a little less funny. It is significant that they see my articles as a personal smear campaign. Self-reflection is strange. Sun King Behaviour of executives who surround themselves with yes-men and never be contradicted. They do not repent, they find that they are not wrong. I'm interested in the disclosure, which is hidden behind the marble facades ? That should be in the newspaper.

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