' I bite me down in big, greedy cases'

' I bite me down in big, greedy cases'

World December 12, 2015 07:07

- In all seriousness asks' Maserati-man Hubert Möllenkamp me : "Have I your mother ever put out house that you remain on leave me ?" I started laughing, this is hilarious. Another protagonist of the Rochdale affair tells my colleague that he would accelerate if he would see me in a crosswalk. I think that's a little less funny. It is significant that they see my articles as a personal smear campaign. Self-reflection is strange. Sun King Behaviour of executives who surround themselves with yes-men and never be contradicted. They do not repent, they find that they are not wrong. I'm interested in the disclosure, which is hidden behind the marble facades ? That should be in the newspaper.

These kickbacks affair, which last Thursday was a denouement with a sentence of 2.5 years in prison for Möllenkamp, ​​is seven years on my agenda. The tip comes from a man in the murder of real estate agent Endstra got a bullet in his leg. According to him, Hubert Möllenkamp an unhealthy interest in armored cars and shady characters. The man smells trouble when Möllenkamp offers him a dream deal of two Bijlmer Flats, so favorable that there is a snag to sit. I fluff information, Möllenkamp flest things and robs the place empty. The prime example of the corrupt CEO within a housing.Management TableI have an interview with him. Already after my first question raises Möllenkamp himself from his seat, strikes with the flat hand on that huge boardroom table and roars: " You lie, you lie! I swear on the grave of my deceased wife. " Who would say such a thing? And I ask only one question! Fraudsters and scammers are often flamboyant gentlemen, I find him a nasty, flat Amsterdam.While the criminal case has been running, inching his 'friends' from the Spanish Altea me he buitenzet the flowers on the terraces of yacht clubs. He home stretch around in a big Mercedes convertible, with my rent-Fiat I hold him in barely. The more so because it automatically through the toll booths race and I always have to take a ticket. At the snapshot that I make is a black lamppost in the foreground.I bite me down in big, greedy matters like this. I get a lot of phone calls and emails from small business owners who saw their pints evaporate by unscrupulous investment clubs whose directors have enriched themselves. I have too many accountants sjoemelende seen the profession from whom you expect nothing but accuracy. Financial intermediaries trust I personally have all of us, especially those who act as jovial in local sports clubs. Once ING Bank expressed relief that Mr. Moss could not attend the presentation of the interim results. No, they are not happy with me.Competitors like De Telegraaf sometimes dismiss as just looking for sensation. You never hear them on the biggest fraud cases have been brought to light by us. The mills of justice turn painfully slow, it's my job to blow them.PityLawyers letters I look after the first Moszkowicz, Moszkowicz & amp; Moszkowicz, no more. Though I am baffled by a bailiff who at my home from me personally and a half million will require. And there is a bankrupt investment fund that keeps sue me. Sure.The longer the case Möllenkamp runs the more informants report. People feel freer to speak up. I'm now almost more of himself than himself.Satisfaction I do not feel like I Hubert Möllenkamp see at a previous hearing in court. Tig kilos, a shadow of himself in a suit three sizes too big baggy around him. Ninety minutes long has he been bent so far forward that his forehead almost touching the table top. Pity? No, I find it too soggy. But he put on his shirt, his whole doopceel is released. Silly. But rightly so. Quite rightly so.HostageAfter Justice colleague Joost de Haas and myself in 2006 four days- in vain- let kidnapping that we would give up our source in the AIVD affair, I lost a lot of informants. They were afraid to be tapped and bugged. My news dried up temporarily.I made but a bit jokingly about a bunch of squirrel monkeys at the Apenheul those toddlers from their pushchairs went for the cookie crumbs on the zittinkjes. I still had fun in as well. Colleagues. "Moss goes on to state secret petty," she joked. But the hostage crisis also brought me new sources, I just becáuse so well shielded.The best thing is it if, as in the ING bank, straight from the boardroom is leaked. Can I co-writing with who said what. King Dramas, drivers who each paw hooks, I take advantage of.Bart Mos, investigative journalist

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