• Punishment for MS patient after fatal accident

    Punishment for MS patient after fatal accident

    darmstadt April 17, 2018 15:54 Hot Recent News

    A 53-year-old MS patient on Tuesday received a nine-month prison sentence in Germany on appeal because he had caused a fatal accident in June 2015 due to a cramping attack. Because of the cramp in his leg he pushed the accelerator of his car to the bottom, so he drove a pedestrian on a pedestrian crossing at Obertshausen with more than 140 kilometers per hour.

  • Woman hit by retrieve forgotten cell phone

    obertshausen September 24, 2016 12:27 Hot Recent News

    A 26 year old woman sat on the highway near Obertshausen Hesse hit when she was just forgotten her mobile phone from her wrecked car was going to get after an accident. The victim was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

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